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Number 1 Way to Drastically Improve Your Life

It’s easy to get stuck in the past and licking old wounds or zooming out to the future with worst case scenarios.

Both rob us of any happiness we can enjoy in the current moment.

Right here, right now is all we have.

Decide today to choose to choose thoughts which bolster feelings of joy, optimism, love, excitement, appreciation, empowerment, passion, freedom, happiness, hopefulness, and peace.

These feelings increase our clarity.

Clarity enables us to finish strong!

Let’s get it!!! 🧡💥🧡



Is Your Focus SAFe from Distractions?

Don’t get distracted by the distractions. 

Keep the main thing the main thing both in your professional and your personal life. 

Shifting your focus from ‘this is my job’ to ‘this is my career’ is a HUGE  game changer. 

Begin with the end in mind and safeguard your focus so it can guide you to where you want to go in life.

Not where you want to be any area of your life?

Shore up your focus in that area and be non-negotiable and intentional with the thought process and actions necessary to get you there.

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Do Not Let Circumstances Change Your Stance

Reality is history. Whatever is manifesting in your life today was created with thoughts from yesterday. It is tempting to give up or falsely assume wash, rinse, repeat when we don’t understand the relationship between our circumstances and our stance.

Circum means around, surrounding, or encircling. Just because the opposite is around, surrounding, or encircling our stance doesn’t mean our stance can’t change our reality. Tune in to this video and gain a better understanding of why you should not allow your circumstances to change your stance.

Do Not Let Circumstances Change Your Stance
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Are Your Results Impotent?

Have your resolutions failed to materialize already? 

Have you quit before you started?

Are you missing the target on your goals?

Are you still operating in the “someday” time zone?

Knowing how to effectively do this one thing can be the difference between impotent and potent results.

Watch “Are Your Results Impotent?” On YouTube.

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The Number One Reason for Powerlessness!

Creativity, originality, and innovation come from our higher power.

The only way to draw from our higher power is through concentration.

You cannot draw from the divine and live a life of distraction at the same time.

Anything that draws your attention away from your priority is a distraction.

Learn to concentrate your thoughts exclusively for 30 minutes each day on your priority.

The world system knows that a distracted mind has no power.

So focusing and giving your power over to shit you cannot control aka current events aka the news.  Periodt!

Use your true wealth wisely … your time and your thought force.

You have the power to be and have that which you desire.

However,  that power has a direct correlation with your ability to master your time and thoughts.


This Is Why You’re Not Seeing Your Manifestation

Did you know that ….

Law of Attraction …

Vision Boards …

Affirmations …

Positive Thinking …

Can only take you so far …

If you want the life you desire …

The key is found in learning how to reprogram your subconscious mind

But wait ….

You have to first practice self awareness so that you can identify what LIMITED thoughts have permeated your subconscious mind …

Once you know what the “defect” is in your mental programming ….

It is only then you can begin to reprogram it…

You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge.

New programed subconscious thoughts = new results = new outcome = new life.

Need help? Book your FREE Discovery Session to uncover what thoughts maybe preventing you from manifesting what you desire.

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Revolutionary Reminders

Most of the time we know what to do. We just forget to do them so that we feel in charge of our lives and are moving the needle forward towards our goals. Today I’m sharing four revolutionary reminders so that it is easier to stay on track and not get distracted and/or stuck.

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One Thing You Need to Know Before Setting a New Year’s Resolution

Studies show people often to achieve their new year’s resolution … tune in to learn one thing you need to know before setting yours…..

Try this instead to make the most of your 2021
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The Number One Reason for Missed Opportunities

Don’t allow your doubts and insecurities or those of others to stop you from fully exploring all of your opportunities.

Feelings of unworthiness have a direct correlation to the areas of our life where we perceive we are not capable.

I have watched so many people underestimate themselves because they didn’t believe in their capabilities. We need to try even if we think we’re not capable.

Sometimes we may not have the ability at the moment the opportunity presents itself but that doesn’t mean we are not capable of cultivating the ability.

Don’t confuse ability with capability. Ability suggests you have a track record and have done it before. Whereas capability means you have the aptitude/potential to do it.

Therefore, the main thing we need to know at all times is that we are more capable than we think.

Especially when we connect with Infinite Intelligence/Universal Mind for direction and guidance.

💥 You are Powerful!!!
💥 You are Capable!!!
💥 You are Worthy!!!

Don’t allow feeling incapable to be the reason you miss out on opportunities.

Now take that first step and go for it!!

It’s time to win!!! 🧡💥🧡

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