How Do You See Yourself?

The art of practicing self awareness helps us to see ourselves, catch ourselves in the act, and be consistent in our walk and talk.

If we see ourselves as unsucessful we will perform unsuccessfully. If we see ourselves as unworthy… we perform in a way which reflects it.

Conversely if we see ourselves worthy we perform in a way which reflects it. If we see ourselves as winners we perform as winners.

See yourself being, having and doing what your heart desires and you’ll perform consistently in the manner of who you want to become, having what you want, and doing what you want to do.

How Do You See Yourself?

self-image: the idea one has of one’s abilities, appearance, and personality.

What idea do you have of yourself?  Does your idea of your abilities, appearance, and personality match your desired goals?

It all starts within first.  How you see yourself will govern what you say, how you act, and what decisions you make.  Don’t like the result’s you’re getting or not getting?  Don’t like the way other’s see you or treat you? Do you find yourself constantly wondering why is it happening for them and not me?  What do they have that I don’t have?

Then it’s time to take inventory to determine which areas of your life require you to see yourself differently.  It’s not what you are that’s holding you back.  It’s what you think you are not.

See yourself differently and others will see you differently too!

Decide it    •    See it   •    Become it   •    Reflect it

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Your Happiness is Up to You

Don’t give away your personal power by mistakenly believing you’re a victim of your circumstances.

If any area of your life isn’t how you want it to be then the vibes of joy and happiness are change activators on steroids to get you more of what you want.

Choose happiness and then change either your perspective and/or your procedure and become optimistic about the Power you have to change your circumstances.

Your circumstances may not change overnight but you do have the power to change your disposition immediately. Expand your happiness consciousness.

Value Your Yourself

It’s true the moment you value yourself the whole world values you.  Have you noticed certain companies don’t advertise and/or give discounts?  I’m sure the reason is they know the value of the products/services they bring to their customers.

Likewise the lesson in this is be confident in who you are and what you bring to the table.  When you know your value, you don’t have to beg people to like you, to be your mate, to do business with you, to spend time with you, or to like you.

Know your worth and raise your standards!  And remember everyone can’t afford the LUXURY of your time and/or friendship.  Know your value, value yourself, value your time, and then you will draw more valuable things into your life.

Don’t Be Pushed Around!

Don’t be pushed around by your environment. When you allow yourself to be pushed around by your environment you’re constantly reacting and being trained and conditioned by your circumstances. And oftentimes will leave you feeling fatigued by negative emotions such as worry, doubt, regret, anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and confusion.

Be the creator of your world and train your environment to respond to your spoken word, your visualizations, your affirmations, and your thought force in general. Then you are responding to your circumstances and empowering yourself with feelings of confidence, enthusiasm, joy, love, appreciation, freedom and so much more!

Your environment encompasses all you see and hear on a regular basis. Remember people are always expressing their views and sharing information with you. I agree with Epictus…“The key is to keep company with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”

BEGIN NOW to be more discriminating in what you will and will not accept and/or tolerate in your personal environment and begin to train it by showing better judgment regarding where you go, what you do with your time, and who you do it with.

POWER TIP: Write down the five people you spend the most time with and think about the qualities you share with them, good or bad, spend more time with people who lift you up and distance yourself from those who bring you down.

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Do This 1 Thing to Improve Your Circumstances

If you want it then learn to speak the language as if you already have it. Speak positively about and to your situation. Bless it with words of I have until you do!

Begin to become more aware of the words, phrases, and sentences you use when discussing situations in your life. If you wan to transform your financial situations speak and think in terms of increase, abundance, riches, maximums, expansion, growth, opulence, prosperity, wealth, and unlimited opportunity.

Not only do your words reveal the way you think, but they also affect the way you think. If 2018 is going to be your year, then align your thoughts and spoken word to reflect it as if you already have it.

Gain More Clarity with This 1 Habit

Tony Robbins promotes that quality questions lead to a quality life. Asking better questions
definitely enables us to make better choices in the moment. Too often we live a distracted life
because life really does come at us fast with so many things competing for our attention.

However, in order to do a new thing we must have clarity and master the art of how we think
about tomorrow while staying connected to what matters most today. And a distracted mind
cannot achieve either one. This is why I subscribe to the Power Hour.

Gift yourself with the first fruits of your day and ground yourself in your energy and become very clear about who you are, what you want to become, and what you value most.

During your Power Hour ask yourself quality questions such as how can I live and love more
fully today? What do I need to do to move me closer to who I want to become or to have what I
want to have? How can I use what I have to get me what I want? How can I be a better listener

In what ways can I treat people better? How can I be more cooperative, agreeable, open, and receptive? What kind of mood do I want to embody today? How do I want those I love
and remember to serve me?

What top three skills do I need to work on to achieve my goals this year? What top three skills
do people possess who are already successful in doing what I want to do? What’s the best way
for me to acquire these skills? Do I need to read, practice, get a coach, or attend a training?

How can I best be of service to others? In what ways can I give back to my community? What
can I do to improve my life and make it better today?

Knowing the answers to these type of questions bring us clarity. They help us to define and live
by our own personal values.

Forming the habit of having a Power Hour daily guarantees forming other habits which will help you to excel and enrich the full spectrum of your life. ❤

Faith is Not Optional….It’s Necessary!

Grow in faith regardless of what you see or hear. Faith separates knowledge from wisdom. You can be the most knowledgeable and intellectual person who’s the best choice for whatever and lack faith and not go very far. It’s the one with wisdom that transcends all barriers and becomes great.
Why? Because they depend upon mindsight not hindsight or eyesight. They rely solely on their connection to the Divine… their higher power….to lead them and guide them in their endeavors.
They have complete faith that a place has been prepared for them, and that they’re on their way to their promised land, and eagerly await for the way to be made out of no way. Surrendering to divine timing and diligently following through on inspired actions.
Faith isn’t based on circumstances. It’s based on blueprint and Divine guidance. Stop depending on limited self and become great by staying connected to Infinite Intelligence.

Instantly Feel Better Doing This 1 Thing!

The mind is an interesting instrument. It will keep you busy and unproductive whenever you don’t have a definite aim to keep it busy and actively working towards progress, growth, and/or expansion.

It will keep you busy rehashing the past and will beat you down to the ground with past mistakes leave you waddling in self-pity, depression, and/or regret if you allow it to rule you instead of YOU ruling it.

Or it will keep you busy worrying about the future pummeling and burdening you with all the negative what-ifs it can fire at you at any given moment. Leaving you filled with doubt, anxiousness, and paralyzing you with fear.

If you must visit the past, then only go there in your mind to learn and leverage the now to implement what you’ve learned so that you can be productive.

The past is old news. It’s over with gone never to be relived again. So why continue to allow it to keep you busy leaving you with pain, hurt, misgivings, and any other negative emotion?

Focus on right here and right now and give your mind a definite aim to drive towards with passion, enthusiasm and excitement!! Live every day like it’s new year’s day and enjoy the moment called NOW.


This Year Will Be My Year! Will it?!?

Every year we get excited about the new year and declare “This will be my year!”.  We set our goals and/or resolutions and go forth with the attitude this year won’t be like the last.  Whether it be I’m going to finally get my house in order, set my finances straight, ditch the toxic ex, buy a new home, make more money, lose weight….you name it.

We all know how the story goes..we’re on fire from the last week of December through about the 3rd week of January with our new found enthusiasm for “our” Year.  Did you find yourself either publicly or privately declaring it again this year?

What will be different?  What will be new?  How will you make the hallmark change to ensure this will be your year?  How will you stay focused?  What’s your plan of action?  Have you discovered the missing ingredient as to why year rolls into the next year pretty much looking the same despite the excitement each new year’s eve that this year will be you  year?

I believe in you and the beauty of your dreams.  And I believe you can make this year be your year!  In order to do that you’ll need to establish the following:

  1. A new pattern of thoughts – you’ll need to change your dominant thoughts to match the conditions required for this year to be your year
  2. A new wave of emotions – you’ll need to set an intention daily to feel the emotions which match the emotions you’ll feel once the conditions required for this year to be your year have materialized
  3. A new connection to the world – you’ll need a new world view which aligns with the conditions required for this year to be your year
  4. A new belief in yourself – you’ll need a new belief in yourself which matches you being the person you need to become in order to yield the conditions required for this year to be your year


Old ways won’t open new doors.  Therefore, in order for this year to be your year, it’s out with the old and in with the new.  Out with the old pattern of thoughts, old wave of emotions, old connection to the world, and the old belief in yourself.  Recondition your mind to create thoughts which turn into reality.

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Happy New Years! ❤ ❤ ❤