Master Your MOJO!

Master your MOJO and defend your territory.  It’s time to get motivated and get MOVING!  What is MOJO you may ask?

MOJO – a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.

It’s time to master your MOJO when you need the confidence to achieve your goals.  Life can sometimes rock us to our core and leave us feeling as if we’re victims, helpless, and unable to transform our circumstances into the ones we desire.

Nothing like looking for a job, experiencing a failed relationship, battling with obesity, receiving failing grades, facing rejection, or just encountering setback after setback to feel like we have NOJO – No Options Just Obstacles.

Are you firmly balanced or do you need to gain a more solid footing?  Are you mastering your MOJO or nursing your NOJO? Are you feeling down, discouraged, or disappointed? Then it’s time to master your MOJO and become highly adaptive and relentless in achieving your goals in life.

Here are 5 surefire ways to master your MOJO:

  1. PICTURE WHAT’S POSSIBLE – focus your undivided attention on all the positive possibilities. Imagine all the many different ways how it can work out positively for you.
  2. SWEETEN YOUR STRENGTHS – love what you do well and do it more often.  This helps us to like ourselves and when we like ourselves ….others like us too and want to help us reach our goals.
  3. TAKE TITANIC ACTION – take massive action towards your goals.  Action builds confidence and courage.  Keep taking action until all doubt and fears are dissipated and you like what you do.
  4. CIRCUMVENT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES – give no thought or energy to current circumstances.  Affirm, affirm, affirm that you can be happy and thrive in any environment. Remember the you are bigger than your circumstances.
  5. TRAIN YOUR BRAIN – Junk in – Junk Out.  Train your brain the procedures necessary to reach your goals and the perspectives necessary to like how you are achieving them.  Magical things happen when preparation meets opportunity.  Train your brain and be prepared.

Your MOJO is a tremendous ALLY.

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The Power of Small Changes

Greetings!  Happy Monday!  Happy first day of May!

New month….new challenge.

We all have areas in our lives where we’re stuck and no matter what just can’t seem to get moving in the direction of our goals.  Well that’s where this month challenge comes in.  It’s time to make small changes because small changes can make a BIG difference.

We have to change something because old ways won’t open new doors.  Don’t get too far out of head of yourself and start worrying how will you get there or doubting if you can keep it going once you get started.  Just take the first step and get started.

I saw this quote and it resonated with me and sums up the essence of this month’s challenge…..“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  Tip toe if you must.  But take the first step.”

My five small changes are in the area of healing my body.  Thus, my small changes are drinking 3 liters of water daily, taking my supplements daily, exercising daily (walk 4 miles 4 times a week and do strength training 4 times a week), no fast food, no corn syrup/severely limit sugar intake.

I encourage you to make your list today and post it somewhere where you can see and go for it and implement your five small changes for the month of May.  Can hardly wait to hear your feedback and how your small changes made a BIG difference in your lives.

Cheers! ♥♥♥


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Create An Emotional Blueprint

How will you feel once you have what you want? Do you know most of the time we are clueless what feelings we’re after when we desire something? Our manifesting tip of the day is to create an emotional blueprint for whatever it is you’re deeply desiring.

As Hicks often says we all want something because of how it will make us feel. So what does having what you want going to make you feel? Sit with your journal and brainstorm what feelings you’re expecting to get in return for achieving your desired goal.

Once you have your list of feelings then pick the top three desired feelings. Let’s say it’s passion, adventure, and fun. Then think of different things you can do each day to infuse your day with those feelings.

Why? Because Law of Attraction says like attracts like. And feelings are our honing signal which activates the Law of Attraction to draw experiences, people, things, and circumstances to us. When you’re doing your daily visualization remember to focus on seeing yourself feeling these feelings. Include them in your scripts and actually allow yourself to feel the feelings as you’re imagining having what you desire.

Let’s say your emotional blueprint for wanting a relationship is because you believe it will bring you feelings of passion, adventure, and freedom and it’s not right here right now for the taking then go out and do other things to generate these feelings and the Universe will deliver you more and more experiences to add to those feelings. And then you’ll look up and notice that the one you deeply desire is there beside you sharing in the passion, adventure, and fun with you.

Why? Because Law of Attraction states “that which is like unto itself is drawn”. Try it! Create your emotional blueprint for your desire today.

Cheers! ♥♥♥

Do This to Sleep Better

Religious text admonishes us to not let the sun go down on our wrath. The mental state in which we fall asleep has a powerful, profound influence on our bodies.

Do not go to sleep until you have restored your mental balance, until your mental faculties are poised and your mind serene. It is more important to prepare the mind for sleep than the body. The mental bath is even more necessary than the physical one before bedtime.

Never allow yourself under any circumstances to retire in a discouraged, despondent, gloomy mood, or in a fit of anger. Practice making it a habit to let nothing tempt you to go to sleep with an unkind, critical, jealous thought toward another in your mind.

Make it your dominant intention each night to go to bed with a clean mental slate. Go to bed imagining yourself being the man or woman you long to become, filled with happiness, prosperity, and power. Saturate your mind with pleasant memories and with dreams of great expectations.

Be the master of your mind. Learn to control it, instead of allowing it to control you and torment you especially when it’s time for sweet slumber. Being persistent in preparing the mind for peaceful, healthful, happy, glorious sleep will prolong our lives and our youth.

Live Within My Means

For some of us one of the most challenging lessons in life is learning the art of handling money and knowing how to finance ourselves wisely. It seems that there is always some temptation to spend money.

However the world demands that every individual knows how to take care of themselves, how to be independent, self-reliant, how to finance themselves wisely, and how to make the most of their income.

One lesson we should all pass along to our children is the tragic consequences of debt, especially when incurred in early life. It has ruined many of the most promising careers. Nothing kills our enthusiasm, zeal, and creativity than feeling trapped and like we have our hands tied hand and foot by the curse of debt.

When we fall into the self-defeating habit of purchasing that which we cannot afford can lead to handicapping ourselves for many years. No one can be happy, no matter how optimistic who is forever in the clutches of poverty, of harassing debt.

I don’t know about you but I have made the conscious decision to no longer live beyond my means. There is an old adage which says the best way to get out of a hole is to stop digging. Starting today I am making the commitment to stop digging. And will commit myself to increasing my financial acuity.

I shall adopt Charles A Jaffe’s saying as my new mantra …. “It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.”

Stop Rushing Things That Need Time to Grow

Patience is a virtue a wait won’t hurt you. We’ve heard it all before on the subject of patience. I don’t know about you but this has been one of those VERY challenging areas in life for me. But what I am learning is Faith ain’t Faith if it’s not backed with patience.

I’ve heard quotes like patience is not the ability to wait but to keep a good attitude while waiting. But how do I do that when I want it badly and I want it NOW?!? Like right right now. How does one have a good attitude when it feels like their being denied their treasure? Or their necessity like food on the table, roof over their head, or lights on or car paid? Money in their pocket?

How am I supposed to have a good attitude? I’ve learned that some things need time to grow and if I can exercise patience and not attempt to rush it then not only will it be the best/optimal outcome but it will unfold in such a way that all parties involved will benefit resulting in a win/win.

I think the key to having a good attitude lies in entertaining one’s self while they wait. And the best way to do to that is to turn our attention to the things we CAN control such as taking care of our health via diet and exercise, increasing strength and endurance, learning a new subject, gardening, photography, visiting a museum, walks/runs/hikes in nature, connecting with friends/family, de-cluttering our living space, learning a new hobby/trade, mastering a character trait, joining a social group, volunteering, etc.

The list is endless. We need to cultivate the habit of redirecting our attention to enjoyment and fulfillment and before you know it the time has passed and divine timing has answered our prayers and supplications. It is true patience is a virtue and a wait won’t hurt you.

If I Could Just Stop Falling Asleep at the Wheel

I don’t know about you but I just keep falling asleep at the wheel of life.  I have dreams that require massive actions yet for some reason I just can’t seem to keep them a consistent priority until I achieve my goal.  I have fallen victim of the microwave generation syndrome.  My patience has been crippled.  And my vision blurred.

I’m sure there are others out there just like me who either start things but don’t finish them or just plain and simple don’t get started or settle for less than they deserve or only go for the things they believe they can get.  What’s that saying?  If you always do what you always done, then you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Today I have made the decision to get out of my own way and go for the things I want and stop settling for the things in life I think I can have.  Which by the way is usually dictated and/or shaped by the world’s measuring stick.  No more of that for me.  From now on it will be driven by my internal desires and staying the course until it comes to past.

I will believe in myself  and keep believing in myself until I make it happen for me.  And I know beyond the shadow of the doubt the more I believe in myself….others will too.  It all starts with me and what I’m willing to do different in order to have something different.  I am choosing to choose for me and I am choosing to stay awake at the wheel. 😉

Cheers! ❤ ❤ ❤


Emit Your Own Frequency


In life we can allow what’s outside us to dictate and govern our thoughts aka be reactive. Or we can allow what’s inside of us to dictate and govern our thoughts aka be creative.
Far too often we are in a reactive state instead of a creative state. Whenever we allow external things to cause us to entertain negative thoughts, we put into action a poisonous chemical activity of a disintegrating nature, that dumbfounds our sensibilities and deadens our nerve actions, causing the mind and body to become negative and therefore subject to many ills.
On the flip side when we are in a positive state we put into action a healthy chemical activity of a constructive nature, causing the mind and body to become free from  many ills due to discordant thoughts.
The nature of our thoughts impact the frequency we emit and thus determines the kind of conditions and experiences with which we will meet; what we put into life is what we get out of life – no more, no less.
Either way whether we choose to live from a reactive stance or creative stance, we still are emitting mental frequencies that are as real as electric, magnetic, or heat currents according to Charles F. Haanel. And I wholeheartedly concur with him that we attract the currents/frequencies with which we are in harmony.
I don’t know about you but I choose to emit my own frequency and live from a state that is creative and intentionally draw to me the things, situations, people, and/or circumstances that I desire.  Join me in my next post when I will share a six step plan on how to emit your own frequency and raise your dominant vibration.

ENOUGH! These Are My Emotions!!

images (28)

I don’t know about you but I have emotions and often times I feel them INTENSELY! Very INTENSELY!  And when I have these emotional storms, the last thing I want is to hear from someone directly or indirectly  that I’m wrong for feeling the way that I do.

Suppressing emotions seems to be what the collective has deemed as normal.  Is it?   Just because you don’t acknowledge the emotions doesn’t make them go away. I refuse to continue to suffer in silence by suppressing my emotions and/or pretending I don’t feel the way that I do.

In my observation, we have been conditioned to do just that in order to preserve the image of being “cool”, “calm”, “collected”.  To project the image that everything in our world is A-OK when in actuality we are drowning from own emotional storms.  Am I advocating to come out in the world and act out our negative emotions?  No.

What I am advocating is to acknowledge them and let them have their say because when we don’t we often have trouble seeing things as they are and we put our emotional health and physical health in jeopardy.

I used to think emotional intelligence meant that you don’t experience negative emotions.  Some law of attraction advocates give the indication one must forever be in their happy, positive state and/or stay high on the emotional scale.

But is that really how emotions work?  I don’t think so.  The more I read and learn about my emotions the more I realize that I was totally clueless.  One of the main mistakes I continued to make was taking on the emotions as an identity.  For instance, in my case anger has been an emotion I have had quite the turbulent relationship with.  After all the shaming and judging from people who are emotionally clueless, I was made to think I was an angry person.  I was out of control.  I was difficult to get along with.  Blah, blah, blah, blah.

In hindsight, I believe I drew all of the criticism partly because most people are afraid of their own anger and will choose to stay stuck in emotions such as fear, depression, powerlessness, jealousy, insecurity, unworthiness, regret, and despair rather than moving through and feeling the anger.  I think anger gets a bad rap.  Probably because most people when in the grips of it can do some of the most catastrophic and self-defeating things.

But what about depression, anger turned inwards?  Granted most people aren’t privy to when a person is feeling depressed as it’s a closet anger emotion which implodes versus explodes.  Never the less it is just as catastrophic and self-defeating.  To sum it all up, I’ve learned that emotional intelligence is really the art of mastering emotions.

Emotional intelligence, in my opinion, means we have acquired the knowledge and skill to gain control of our emotions and direct the energy from them appropriately.  It is  about welcoming all of the emotions (positive and negative) and allowing them to have their say.  It is understanding emotions are our feedback system.  It is understanding it is not who we are as a person.  We are much larger than any negative emotion or circumstances that triggered it.

It is possessing the problem solving skills needed to dissect the emotions and linking them to the thoughts that created them.  And once we understand the thoughts it is then possessing the resolution skills to identify if we need as Tony Robbins says a change in our procedure or our perception.

In the case of anger, let’s say we deduce and link it to the thought that we have perceived we have been disrespected.  Then we have to decide do we resolve the matter by changing our perception such as well it isn’t an issue of disrespect, this person is just trying to get their needs met albeit in a counterproductive way.  Or do I change my procedure?  I’ve asked them several times to stop being late and disrespecting my time so I will give them 5 minutes and if they are a no show and haven’t call to indicate they are running late, then I will leave.

TL;DR – we all at some point in time in life feel like we are drowning in our own emotions. It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling.  Just don’t let your emotions become your identity.  Know it’s just feedback.  Decipher the message (thought) behind the feedback and then adjust your perception or procedure.  And know that we all have days, moments like this.  Negative emotions are your ally not your foe.

I’m glad that I am discovering the art of emotional intelligence.  My emotional storms still come however I’ve learned to weather the storms without struggling and/or drowning in them.  It’s empowering to learn how to master my emotions.


7 Must Have Systems to Skip Ahead in Business Success


If your top goal is to grow a dynamic, efficient, quality-driven business then having well defined systems is non-negotiable.  This applies whether you own a large corporation, small business, or are self-employed, there are 7 must have systems to skip ahead to success in business.  Well defined systems ensure efficiency, productivity, consistency, and predictability.  Bottom line is well defined systems produce predictable results.

The following seven must have systems will put you in the express lane to reaching your business goals:

  1. System for Learning – The more you know the more you grow. Many studies have shown there is a direct correlation between knowledge and income.  Skill development is essential to stay on the cutting edge and keeping your business fresh and viable.Be sure to include time in your day to acquire knowledge and master skills needed to leverage and position your business for leading edge success.

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  2. System for Growth and Expansion – If your business is not growing then it’s dying.  The most successful people in business have a system to ensure they are constantly growing and expanding.One part of this system should include target market identification.  Which target market is being overlooked by your product and/or services? Know your numbers.

    Pay attention to your effort-to-results ratio.  How much effort keeps you stable versus yields you growth and expansion?  In other words if you’re in sales, do you know how much effort maintains your current income versus giving you a pay increase?

    Is your system reproducible? One surefire way to growth and expansion is to cultivate a system where others can attain the same level of success. This is the number one aspect that most over looked in the direct sales industry.  When you recruit, gift them with a system to grow and expand their business.

  3. System for Organization – Having effective organization ensures efficiency and productive use of resources.  One factor to include for this system is follow-up.  Will you use a paper planner, electronic planner, a tickler file?How will you track items that require follow-up and remind yourself to do it?  Many people either lose income opportunities, increase expenses, and/or client’s respect due to a poor follow-up system.

    Do you have business hours? Do you have a strategy to push yourself through unpleasant tasks? If you have products do you have a system for tracking your inventory? Do you have documentation for your business processes?

    Do you have a plan for how you will apply your time during your business hours?  Have you identified which actions are income producing versus non-income producing?  Do you have the right ratio for your time investment to ensure you’re using your time in such a way to give you the biggest bang for your buck?  Busy does not equal productive.

    Success has a look.  Is your work environment organized and clutter free?  Does it speak to success to you? If self-employed or home-based business owner, do you dress for success during your business hours?

  4. System for Branding – What’s your WOW factor? Businesses with strong brand identifies launch “wow” rockets into the success zone.  What’s your message behind the business? What experience/feeling are you attempting to get your prospective clients to buy into?Do you have an elevator speech?  Can you express your idea or image of your specific product or service that consumers connect can with in the time it takes to ride from the bottom to the top floor of an elevator?

    Do you practice it often?  Have you identified ways to include in your conversations seamlessly?  When I was in direct sales, there was a saying your business is open when your mouth is open.  Make a goal daily of how many people you will share your elevator speech with and perfect it.

  5. System for Compensation – How much of your income will you use to compensate yourself?  Your employees? How much will you invest to inspire and reward right performance and behavior for yourself and your team? Remember there are non-monetary ways to compensate yourself, your team, and your loyal clients; be creative.
  6. System for Motivation – This one is HUGE! The failure to do things to the finish is the number one reason for failure in business.  How will you stay motivate to ensure you finish what you start?The next top reason for failure is fear of rejection. How will you stay motivated to keep going in the face of rejection? Being sensitive to rejection can leave many of people crippled in their business endeavor.  In order to be successful, one must learn to keep rejection impersonal. Remember every no moves you closer to the yes.  And the next person knows nothing about the previous rejection.  Keep going.

    Last but not least, just like we have starters but not finishers, we have people who simply allow fear to paralyze them and they never get started.  Have a system to get you to take action and to fall in love with the process.  Remember focus on the actions and the results will come.

  7. System for Charity – How will you give back to your community?  There are so many benefits to charitable giving such as positive branding, gaining customer support, connection and networking, free publicity, and a good feeling.   Mahatma Ghandi said it best…“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” And as the timeless book of wisdom proclaims….“Give and it shall be given unto you.”