I Choose to Make Feeling Good My Highest Priority

ImageI realize today that things may not be exactly how I want them in my current reality but I can still choose to feel good. I can control how I feel. I can accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives. I can focus on all the wondrous things that are working in my favor in my life which are countless. I can choose to count my blessings because they will always always always outnumber the the few things that are not working in my favor at this point in time.

Nothing has the power except the power I give it. And the greatest power I possess is my imagination to make me feel good. I can use it, train it, and direct it to attract the things I want in my life. And, I do that by making feeling good my top priority. So yeah this morning I almost allowed my mind to slip into to the bad habit of counting up all the things that are not the way I want them in my current reality and feeding it my power by offering the absence of things my vibrational energy.

But I decided to say fuck it…I get to decide how I feel and I refuse to allow the absence of a few things rob me of the infinitely many things I can genuinely say thank you that are present in my life. Instead I will choose to feel good and continue to focus on the elementary level of things I want and have FAITH that the Universe/God has got my back and be happy and feel good and ACT AS IF and FEEL AS IF I have it all!

And the more I practice acting as if and feeling as if…LOA has no choice but to bring me more things to add to that good feeling. So I’m going to start today by making the commitment and focus to 30 days of feeling good and I mean feeling real good. I don’t care what I observe I am going to commit, practice, dedicate, and discipline myself to focus on feeling good just because I CHOOSE to feel good.

I won’t do it with the intention to attract a particular situation, person, place, or event either. I will commit to doing it just because I want to feel good and experiment with what happens if I choose to make feeling good my number 1 priority. I want to see if indeed LOA will bring me more things, people, situations, and events (whatever they may be) to add to my good feeling.

So here’s to ………

2,592,000 seconds
43,200 minutes
720 hours
30 days
4 weeks (rounded down)

of making feeling good my #1 priority for no other reason other than I want to feel good!!!!! =o) Let the fun begin……

6 thoughts on “I Choose to Make Feeling Good My Highest Priority

  1. So true, when you deliberately start focusing on your blessings and counting them, you find more and more to be thankful for and to feel good about! Much success to you!


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