Inspired Actions Yield the Highest Results

“If you are enjoying the present moment and also taking inspired action towards your dreams – well, you’ve found the key to happiness.” – Unknown

I thoroughly enjoyed Day 2 of  Feeling Good is My #1 Priority.  I will start posting my intended actions each day as I complete my 30 days of Feeling Good is My #1 Priority.  Today I was inspired to take action in my personal life in the romantic arena and the results were pretty amazing at least to me.  Put it to you this way, the results are starting to convince me there is some credence to this concept of Law of Attraction.

I’m learning the importance of waiting to act until inspiration comes.  But not only am I learning to wait…I’m also learning to feel good while I wait.  How cool is that?  The trick to feeling good while I wait is to stay out of the past from this moment back unless it makes me feel good. Otherwise, it’s like drinking past poison Kool-Aid and it will only choke my desires to death. And, to stay out of the future unless it’s with absolutely no expectations as it relates to results.

I’m finding inspiration usually follows after I’ve done the following:

  • I have aligned myself – meaning as Abraham Hicks says I’m tuned in, turned on, and tapped into God/Source Energy/Universe/Infinite Wisdom and feeling good is my dominant emotion.
  • I have accepted the contrast – meaning I’m at peace with whatever is occurring in my life that appears to be the opposite of what I want.  In other words, I can look at what is and still either maintain feeling good as my dominant emotion or am actively reaching for a better feeling to move me up the emotion scale towards feeling good.
  • I have allowed God/Source Energy/Universe/Infinite Wisdom to engineer my success – meaning I am no longer attached to the outcome or attached to how my desires will manifest.  I’m operating in total faith with full and unwavering confidence that God/Source Energy/Universe/Infinite Wisdom is operating on my behalf and wants to see and ensure I have success.

It is then that I am noticing inspired action happens and yields the highest results.  At first I was confused by when the motivation to act was being fueled by impulse vs. inspiration.  However, I starting to notice the following characteristics typically accompany an inspiration to act:

  1. I feel good and/or I’m moving up the emotional scale towards a better and higher feeling like love, joy, optimism, hope, faith, excitement, enthusiasm, vigor, etc.
  2. It usually comes from the gut combined with that HELL YES! feeling.  Like wild horses couldn’t stop you from taking the action because every fiber of your being is shouting…this one is on the money!
  3. It is usually an action that feels easy and effortless.
  4. A flood of ideas come to you in rapid succession and with each and every idea you get more and more jazzed and excited about executing them.

So far these are the characteristics that I am observing and I’m sure as I progress through the 30 days of Feeling Good that I will take notice of more.  Today was definitely an awesome day for me and another successful day of feeling good!!  I look forward to tomorrow with wonder and excitement. 

What if this feeling just keeps getting better and better and increasing in intensity up the emotional scale with each and every passing day?  How exciting would that be?



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