Trick Yourself Into Feeling Good!

Some days we just aren’t feeling it.  Those are the days when it seems we just can’t seem to climb up to the top half of the emotional scale.  You know those days when it seems like everything that can go wrong will go wrong or it seems like same shit different day or it’s always something?  Well, at least those seem to be the common laments for the days that I’m referencing.

Granted we are entitled to feel what we feel.  And, if we look for justifications to feel a certain way we often times can find it.  Let’s say for instance you’re dating someone and you text them but they don’t respond.  They choose to ignore you.  Yes, you can justify feeling discouraged, angry, upset, disrespected, insecure, disappointed, impatient, frustrated etc.

Depending upon how you observe the incidence and make judgments about it, to be honest there are a host of feelings you can choose to entertain.  However, all the feelings mentioned above keep us on the lower half of the emotional scale.  And whenever we choose to allow our feelings to hang out down there, rest assured Law of Attraction (LOA) will bring us more of the same.

Therefore, we have to ask ourselves is it worth it to feel all those negative emotions and risk the possibility of magnetizing more events, situations, and people to add to the intensity of them?  I think most of us logically would resoundingly and emphatically yell to the tops of our lungs Hellz to the No!!  But, why do we do it then?  Why do we choose to allow ourselves to wallow in negative emotions?  Especially when nine times out of ten times we want what we want because we want to feel good?

In my case I didn’t know any better.  I really thought oh well I’m feeling what I’m feeling I’ll just have to wait to it subsides or run the feelings their course.  However, I read the book “Power of Astonishing Emotions” by Ester and Jerry Hicks.  And, I discovered not only do I have a say so in the matter of how I feel. I can control, direct, and dictate my feelings too.

WOW!  Talk about empowering stuff!  But it still seemed hit or miss to me.  However, in the past several weeks I have learned the art of tricking myself into feeling good.  How do I do it?  I’ve learned a host of exercises that have helped me to cultivate this talent.  Today, I discovered The Prosperity Game.  With the Prosperity Game you  write yourself the following letter and place it an envelope and put it underneath your pillow with a deposit slip for that day’s amount….

“Dear {beloved child},

Since we love you so much, we have decided to give you an allowance for the rest of your life. Enclosed is your today’s installment. We have already deposited it in the bank on your behalf. We ask that as you go through your day you will look for ideas of ways to use this money that would make your heart sing. When you think of an idea, go ahead and write a check for it. We ask that you aim to empty your account by the end of each day – our goal is for the money to be put to use as a means to facilitate your desires – there is no point in giving it to you if you are just going to let it rot in the bank! We do not mind if you miss a few days every once in a while and catch up later (we will continue to deposit every day anyway), but we prefer that you stay up to date with your spending as much as possible. As you know, you can count on the amount to increase by $1000 every day. We are looking forward to seeing you having plenty of fun with this.

Your secret admirers.”

So I tried it today and the results in tricking myself into feeling good were a smashing success!!! I felt awesome and abundant!  I printed the letter and placed it an envelope.  I found a template for a blank check and filled in the amount for today’s purchases made out to the Apple Store.  With my $1,000 deposit today, I spent it on a Personalized iPad Air, a camera adapter for it, a smart case, a wireless keyboard, and an all-in-one printer.

And, it felt good too!  It felt just like I had paid for it and am now waiting for it’s arrival. How cool is that?  I was feeling a little glum about my finances earlier today and presto! all those negative feelings subsided and I was feeling excited, eager, and optimistic.  Talk about tricking myself into feeling good.

Where am I going with all of this?  You get to choose your emotions. And, if you’re experiencing negative emotions you can choose to feel positive emotions.  Sometimes you have to trick yourself into feeling good.  And, the way to do that is to focus with laser like focus on what you want and distract yourself from any thoughts which cause resistance to you having it.

For instance, you can focus using the prosperity game whenever you feel resistance to your current financial state.  You can use vision boards, positive what if statements, scripting, magical creation boxes also known as hope chests, write out wouldn’t it be nice…. if? scenarios, affirmations, appreciation, and writing out positive aspects of whatever person, event, or situation that is causing feelings of resistance.

And, that’s just to name a few.  There are a host of tools and resources out there to trick yourself into feeling good.  Seek and you shall find them.  Therefore, if you’re going to feel anything…. train yourself to feel good!


One thought on “Trick Yourself Into Feeling Good!

  1. I absolutely love this one!!! Sometimes it’s hard to dig myself out of the negativity I’m feeling…definitely going to try this technique!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I’m loving your blog!!!


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