All You Have to Do is FOCUS!

My new favorite commercial is the 5-hour Energy drink commercial.  The descriptions for What is Focus rang true to me.  It says….

  • it’s a wondrous sensation of clarity and alertness
  • it’s owning your opponent
  • it’s knowing beyond the doubt you got this!
  • it’s keeping your head down, your eyes on the ball and knocking it out the park
  • it’s getting in the zone
  • it’s keeping on your toes, on target, on top
  • focus is facing the world and saying bring it!
  • focus is power!
  • focus is life!

WOW!  What a phenomenal description of focus.  I love words and meanings so I decided to google the synonyms for focus and much to my surprise I discovered one of the synonyms for it is heart and of course feeling is a synonym of heart.  Something about all of this brought to my remembrance the Bible Verse in Proverbs which says “Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life.”

By then I was like wow just wow wow wow!  Talk about things coming full circle.  One of the mantras from Abraham Hicks’ teaching is to care about how you feel and to make it your number one priority because feelings create vibrational stances that activate Law of Attraction to magnetize more things, situations, people, and events to intensify whatever feelings you are experiencing whether they are positive or negative.

Focus is the key to unlocking all of your desires.  I discovered an acronym for FOCUS today and it said Follow One Course Until Successful.  I tend to agree and the one course is as simple as simple can be and that is to make feeling good your #1 priority.  And, to do that we must Guard our hearts with all diligence.   We must care  how we feel and watch over our feelings in order to protect and/or control them.

I agree with Prov. 4:23 and Hicks’ teachings… we need to guard our focus/heart/feelings because life’s outcomes originate or arise from them.  Take charge and guard your heart by doing the following:

  • Guard Your Thoughts

This one is easier said than done.  Have you ever caught yourself thinking/imagining the worst? And, not having a clue that you were doing so until your feelings caught up with your thoughts? It’s one of those traps our unfiltered thoughts can entertain.  We must learn to discipline screening our thoughts and silencing our imaginations which aren’t in line with who we are and what we desire.  If we allow our thoughts to wander long enough, we set ourselves up for failure.

One of the best ways I have discovered to guard our thoughts is to constantly plant positive seeds into our minds on an ongoing basis.  The best way to do this is  by reading positive books, listening to positive music and audio training programs, meditating, reciting positive affirmations, and surrounding ourselves with positive people.

If we don’t intentionally cultivate our minds with all things positive, weeds will invariably grow there.  So it greatly benefits us to develop the habit of taking proactive measures to saturate our minds with all things positive at every opportunity.

  • Understand What Your Emotions are Communicating

Before discovering Abraham Hicks’ teachings and listening to Tony Robbins, I wasn’t aware that my emotions were basically just signals communicating to me that I was experiencing a gap between where I am and where I wanted to be.  Furthermore, I didn’t realize emotions were signals calling me to action.  They summon me to either change my perception (the meaning) or my procedure (my communication or my behavior).

Coming into this empowering knowledge help me to understand that I am always in control of how I feel. And, nothing controls me but me.  And, controlling how I feel is imperative for me to direct and channel my emotions to be a conduit for positive change.

  • Allow God/Universe To Engineer Your Success

Learning to relax and go with the flow gives us the most bang for our buck in manifesting all that we desire.  We must begin to believe with every fiber of our being that God/Universe wants to see us win.  That God/Universe is always orchestrating on our behalf.  Part of this process is to make peace with what is whenever we observe in our current reality things that “appear” to be the total opposite of what we desire.

We must learn the art of counting it all good and learning to appreciate ALL of our experiences and intentionally looking for the positive aspects of each and every one of them.  Including the seemingly bad ones.  We must recognize and believe that all things are working together for our good.

One of the best ways to relax is to release and stop worrying about the how and the when dynamics of whatever it is we are desiring.  And, learn to trust in the old adage God is never late and is always on time.  In other words, we need to learn to trust in divine timing for our lives.

  • Refuse To Focus On The Unwanted

Here is another one of those easier said than done statements.  It’s soooooo challenging to ignore current reality and focus on what we want when our five senses are being bombarded with all types of so-called “evidence” of the opposite being real.  However, this is where intentional discipline and training the mind is imperative.

I have found the tools outlined in the book “Deliberate Creation” by Abraham Hicks to be the most effective in helping me to refuse to focus on the unwanted.  I mistakenly believed if I willed myself to not think about something then I would stop thinking about it and or focusing upon it.  However, I’ve learned from Hicks that isn’t quite how it works.  The best way is to redirect my focus onto something else and the other issue will die away from lack of attention.

I agree with the quote what you focus on grows.  We cannot afford the luxury of focusing on the unwanted because each time we allow our focus to drift in that direction more unwanted things, situations, and people flow into our experience because LOA is not a respecter of feelings.  Thus delaying or sabotaging getting what we want.

  • Direct Your Imagination Towards the Wanted

Your imagination is the powerful tool in your law of attraction toolkit.  And, directing it towards what is wanted is a guarantee for attracting all that you desire into your life. Again, I’ve found the best tools for directing my attention towards the wanted in the book “Deliberate Creation” by Abraham Hicks.  Today I indulged in an extended period of time utilizing the 68 Seconds of Deliberate Creation – Creating What I Desire activity.

And, I wrote down an experience that I would like to have happen in the way I want it to happen.  As a result my attention was focused on my desires and I felt excited, eager, enthusiastic, and optimistic about them.  I have no doubts whatsoever that I sent some pretty powerful vibrational energy which will manifest it into my life soon.

I purchased a sketch book and I enjoy writing my creations/scripts in it.  Each time is a special experience when I write them.  I wrote down my desires in as much vivid sensory detail as I could and in present tense.  And on the opposite page I pasted a collage of pictures that represented my deliberate creation.  I included some handwritten doodling, drawings, lettering, etc on the page and I plan to add to them daily as I reactivate the same feelings I had while creating them today.


ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS FOCUS!  When you focus on what you want, everything else falls away. And, you will design the ideal life you’ve always wanted. Focus is staring the world in the face and saying bring it! Focus is power.  Focus is life.  All you have to do is FOCUS!

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