I Can Control My Climate

The circumstances of our lives have as much power as we choose to give them. ~ David McNally

Some events this past week really took the wind out of my sail.  When I reflected on my reaction to them I was reminded of a section of the book entitled “What If It All Goes Right?” when the author writes about the difference between being a thermostat and a thermometer.  When I thought about this past week and its events, I realized I was a total thermometer. Le Sigh! I recognized that I reflected back the temperature of the climate and had failed to be a thermostat and set the climate to my desired temperature.

I asked myself what the hell happened? How did I let the actions of someone else throw me off my game?  I thought I had made great strides in this arena.  I guess at this point you’re wondering what’s the difference anyway?  A thermostat works to maintain a desired set temperature. It does this by monitoring and influencing the temperature of a specified space without manual intervention to whatever the desired temperature set by the user.

Whereas a thermometer reports the temperature based on its surrounding environment.  It it’s cold, it can’t do anything but tell you HOW cold it is.  It does not have the ability to change or influence the  temperature of the environment.  It is only capable of reflecting it.  However, a thermostat has the ability to change and/or influence the environment to shift from cold to the desired temperature or shift from warm to the desired temperature.

Back to my week, when I think about being a thermometer vs a thermostat I’m reminded of the core of Abraham Hick’s teachings to make feeling good your number one priority and to focus on  you want.  I didn’t do that this past week.  I was a thermometer and I observed reality and reflected back the current temperature of the environment.  I didn’t exercise any control and only reflected back HOW much what I was seeing was in contrast to my desires and allowed myself to react and wallow in negative feelings.

I didn’t choose to ignore the current temperature (my observations) and work to maintain a desired set temperature aka my desires.  I have a new level of understanding now when I think about being a thermostat vs a thermometer now.  A thermostat ignores and does not concern itself with the current temperature it only focuses on the desired temperature and what adjustments are needed to make that happen.

At any time we can choose to be a thermostat or a thermometer. We can choose to merely react to people, difficulties, and circumstances that come our way.  Or when something undesirable/unwanted happens, we can choose to take a deep breath, examine the situation, and then CHOOSE our responses to ensure we are changing or influencing our environment to move us closer to our desired climate.

In I Can Control My Climate, Part II the focus of thermostats vs thermometers will be explored.

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