Can You Help Me To Ignore Physical Reality?

I find it rather challenging to ignore physical reality on my own.  Especially when I have such a strong vibrational match to my current reality and am attempting to change the beat of my drum.

But isn’t it funny how few and far between it is that you can find someone who can help you to ignore physical reality?  I can only imagine how life might be if I could find as many people to help me to ignore physical reality as I can to help me to observe it.  It’s amazing in life how no one looks at you crazy when you are supposedly keeping it “real” and believing in accordance to what you are observing.

However, the moment you decide to ignore physical reality and to continue to focus on what you want in spite of there being no evidence of it in sight, folks will come out of the woodwork to “snap you back into reality”.  And, don’t let it be a situation where the total opposite of what you desire is happening the campaign is even stronger for you to abandon what it is that you desire.

But is that really faith?  I think not.  I must learn and train myself to ignore physical reality.  I must train myself to stay focus on what it is I desire in spite of the “evidence/facts” that physical reality is offering up at the time.  I must learn to stay the course and recognize that I didn’t always focus on what I wanted and some of the manifestations I’m seeing now are residuals from past stinking thinking seeds planted.  I must learn to not look to the right and not to look to the left but keep my mind stayed on victory!

I must  have the faith of a mustard seed and say to the mountain be thy removed into the sea and it must obey me.  I must study the masters of faith from times past and remember they too were faced with a physical reality at one point and time that was not congruent to their desires.  But, they were steadfast and unmovable in their desires and fixed their focused and believed with all their hearts until physical reality conformed to their desires.  Instead of them conforming their desires to physical reality.

I look forward to the journey in mastering the art of ignoring physical reality because I know when that day comes…..the sky will be the limit!

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