In DUE Season

Stress makes you believe that everything
has to happen right now.
Faith reassures you that everything
will happen in God’s timing!
– Unknown

Time is the container that holds the beauty of life. All of life is a succession of seasons of TIME (This Is My Entrance or This Is My Exit). We are continuously entering into and out of diverse experiences. There are two realms of time – natural and seasons of supernatural. Seasons of life encompass but are not limited to growth, empowerment, planting, harvesting, and dormancy.

We observe all plants and humans have seasons of dormancy. Yet it appears to be the season of dormancy that causes us the most trouble. However, Divine Unstoppable Energy (DUE) Season is usually preceded by dormancy. In a world of microwaves and instant messages, we have been conditioned to immediate gratification. And, expect immediate results.

Like spoiled children, we tend to get upset when things don’t happen according to our desired timetable which is natural timing. We need to learn to cultivate patience and focus on God’s Perfect timing for our life. God’s supernatural timing is 1,000 times better and bigger than we could ever imagine.

DUE season is God’s supernatural timing. So, let us not become weary and start relying on our power but let’s rely on God’s power. When we patiently wait for DUE season our desires manifest easily, effortlessly, and expediently.  When we are in our season of dormancy we must remember to stand steadfast in faith, affirm our desires, and practice the art of acting as if.   Galations 6:9 says it best….“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Are you in a season of dormancy?  If so, share with us how you are staying strong and optimistic as you wait for your DUE season.

Today, I trust and appreciate divine timing as I await for my desires to unfold.


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