Day 2 – Play to Win!

WOW!  So how was Day 1?  Did you remember to do the daily 5 for our experiment?  If so, please take a moment and vote in the poll located at the bottom of the page for the number of items you completed.  Remember we are completing the following items daily for our number 1 desire:

  1. Record daily how you are feeling on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being pffft this will never happen and 10 being what I don’t already have it?)
  2. Record anything that relates to your number 1 desire
  3. Act AS IF throughout the day
  4. Rehearse having what you want
  5. Rewrite the script if anything happens opposite of what you want

Today’s topic is Play to Win!  In every game there are rules to play by in order to win.  Likewise, when it comes to achieving what we want and working with the Universe there are some rules of the game we must understand.  And, the first one is Law of Attraction.

Games are lost and won in your mind as much as they are on the field. ~Carl Deuker

Many agree that you can start 100 people off with an even start in life and only about 5% will achieve success.  Rollo May, author of “Man’s Search for Himself” contends the opposite of courage in our society is not is conformity.  He contributes the number one reason for so many failures to conformity and he defines conformity as people acting like everyone else without knowing why or where they are going.

Why do people conform?  According to May, these people believe their lives are set by circumstances, by things that happen to them, by exterior forces.  They’re outer directed-people.  By contrast, he indicates that successful people have goals and they succeed because they know where they’re going.  They are deliberately deciding what they want and doing whatever to bring their goal just a little bit closer.   Why do people with goals succeed in life and those without them fail?  Here is the key to both success and failure…..


If we think in negative terms, we will get negative results. If we think in positive terms, we will get positive results.    The Law of Attraction (LOA) works in tandem with our minds like the soil works with plants.   The soil doesn’t care what you plant and will yield to you whatever seed you planted.  Whether it is a poisonous plant or an herb for healing.  It does not care.  If you sow it, you reap it.  Likewise, the LOA works the same way in that it will yield to us whatever seeds we plant in our minds.

On yesterday we planted seeds in our mind. Therefore to ensure we reap our bountiful crop,  I invite you add to another daily habit to your tool belt.  And, that is to fertilize your mind each day with positive resources by investing 15 minutes to either read or listen to something positive.  This way we take care that our priceless seeds are not choked out by the weeds of doubt or discouragement.  Remember the words of Bryce Courtenay…..”Winning is a state of mind that embraces everything you do.”  Let’s play to win!

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