Day 5 – Zoom In or Zoom Out?

I was reminded to zoom out by a dear friend of mine Jessica when I was lamenting about something I deeply desire.  Immediately I realized she was absolutely right and it help me to remember the best way to get back on track with our manifestations is recognizing when we need to go general (zoom out) or specific (zoom in).  Thanks Jessica for reminding me because I felt a thousand times better and raised my vibrational energy!

Abraham Hicks teaches us to zoom out when our thoughts about what we are manifesting are causing us to feel uncomfortable or negative emotions.  And to zoom in when our thoughts about what we are manifesting are causing us to feel love, appreciation, joy, etc.  Hicks says that zooming out slows down momentum and zooming in speeds it up.  When I first heard this I was like wait but aren’t you contradicting yourself.  But with closer examination it makes total sense.  When we are experiencing uncomfortable or negative emotions it’s simply an indicator that our focus has shifted from the wanted to the unwanted.

And wouldn’t we want to slow down the momentum on the unwanted?  Yes indeed we do because we don’t want a deep desire to manifest a new job.  But in your current reality you are not happy at work.  It’s difficult to zoom in on your deepest desire to manifest a new job while feeling negative emotions and resistance.  Furthermore, LOA works off our predominant feelings not our thoughts.  Therefore, if our predominant feelings are negative LOA will only bring us more things to add to our unhappiness because whatever is most active in our vibration is what will continue to occur in our experience.

Ester Hicks in the book Astonishing Power of Emotions recommends the following down stream thoughts as an example of zooming out so that we can feel relief and feel better:

  • I’m not at a critical point where I have to make a decision about staying or going
  • What others do or don’t do really isn’t any of my business
  • I like the variety of the work that I do here
  • I can make whatever task I’m doing here interesting to me
  • I’m actually only unhappy here when I’m pushing against something or someone
  • It’s to my advantage to tune out others’ opinions of me
  • I really have no way of accurately accessing others’ opinions of me
  • I do have the ability to keep myself happily balance if I decide to
  • I only have my opinions of their opinions of me
  • I can control my opinions if I decide to do it
  • Everything that I experience causes me to vibrationally ask with greater specificity for improved situations
  • So actually everything in this job that bothers me just sets me up for an improved future experience
  • How fast I get to that improved future experience depends only upon me and the thoughts of alignment or misalignment that I choose
  • There are plenty of good paying jobs out there that I’m capable of getting

Once you’re back to feeling love, joy, and appreciation then you can zoom in and focus more specifically on what you want.  Paying close attention to our emotions and knowing when to zoom in and when to zoom out will help us to manifest our deepest desires more quickly.  Remember to do your daily 5 and to play make believe today.

Happy Manifesting!


Back to our example,

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