Day 7 – Make Room for What Feels Good

feel good

While our thoughts have the power to create, our feelings constantly lets us know what we are thinking.  We cannot feel bad and think good thoughts at the same time.  Therefore, our mood is everything.   How we feel is an inside out job not outside in.  Our outer circumstances will NEVER change the way we feel within ourselves.  However, the way we feel within ourselves will ALWAYS affect our circumstances.  It so easy to fall into the trap of believing “this needs to happen in order for me to feel that.”  When in actuality whether it happens or not, we can still choose to feel happiness and peace.

Unfortunately, we are fighting against a mighty current any time we attempt to create a new reality in order to become happy, in order to become prosperous, or in order to become peaceful, whole or complete.  When we embrace the art of allowing, we recognize that there’s no need to drive and/or control the process.  We realize it is natural as breathing.  And, all we need to do is just relax and enjoy the ride!

When we are feeling good, our energy level is vibrating at a really high frequency.  It brings us into vibrational alignment with the essence of who we really are and with what we deeply desire.  This is why feeling good is essential and must be our highest objective.   Feeling good is something that needs to be experienced as often and as long as we can.  The more often we feel good, the more we are saying “yes” to the goodness and yumminess that the Universe/God has to offer today and the more we become a vibrational match to all the things we deeply desire.

When we focus on what makes us happy instead of who makes us happy a whole new world of feeling good opens up to us.  Furthermore, the more time we spend focusing on what we want and how we feel and not how it will happen or trying to force it to happen, we speed up the rapids of manifestation.   I suppose that’s why the Bible says in Matthew 18:3 “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”  

When we observe children, there number one priority above all else is to feel good.  And, when children want something, they ask for it and leave it up to their parents to figure out the how.  After they ask, they focus all their energy on how they will feel, what they will do, etc once their mother/father/uncle/aunt or whomever grants them their desires.  The other thing I noticed about children too is they give little to no thought to not having what they desire.  And, they go on with the business of living and feeling good while they wait for mom/dad to figure it out.   One thing is for sure they certainly don’t interfere with trying to help mom/dad figure out how they are going to get them what they want.  If anything, they just remind mom/dad how much they want it and how they will feel once they get it and what they plan to do once they get it with ALL the excitement, eagerness, and enthusiasm they can muster.

As parents, how can you say no to all that positive anticipation, excitement, eagerness, and enthusiasm?  We can’t.  That’s why we, as parents, use all the resources available for our disposal to conspire to make it happen for our children.  If we feel compelled to do this for our creations, why do we struggle so much with believing that our Creator wouldn’t do that and much more for us?  We can learn a lot from children about manifesting period.  The younger the better because they have not been polluted with physical reality trumps and believe what you see yada yada nonsense.  And, we can really learn how to make room for what feels good and how it speeds up the delivery of all the delicious and delectable gifts that the Universe/God has to offer.

I plan to make room for more time in nature, horseback riding, camping, white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, arts & crafts,  etc because it makes me feel good.  I’ve said I wanted to do these for years and just didn’t make room for them in my life.  I have a hiking trip planned for this weekend.  And, when all goes according to plan, I will be enjoying a weekend of camping, white water rafting, and tubing in June.  I’ve found a ceramics class I will attend this Fall.  Life is suppose to be a creative adventure filled with loads of fun and delicious moments!

I invite you to join me to make room for what feels good.  Is it nature, music, arts and crafts, spending time with friends, driving, hiking, water rafting?  Please take a moment and share with us how you plan to make room for what feels good.

4 thoughts on “Day 7 – Make Room for What Feels Good

  1. First of all I LOVE the analogy of ‘kids asking their parents for something, and leaving the parents to work out how to supply it’ – THAT is the most brilliant example of ‘letting go of attachment’, and something we can all remember doing as kids.
    Ok, so onto the question ‘how do I plan to make room for what feels good ?’ I did this this afternoon – I decided I wanted to have coffee at what will be my local surf club – and I made room for it by not looking in my purse to see if I had the cash, by not looking at my clock to see if I had time, I decided I wanted to go there and have a coffee with a friend – and that was IT, I knew what I wanted and I made it my priority, anything not in ‘agreement’ with what I wanted was ignored.


  2. So true that kids are only concerned with “what” not “how”. I need to be more child-like in that manner. When I try to figure out “how”, I get bogged down when it doesn’t look like “it” will happen the way I expect it to happen (smh, like I am the conductor). I lose focus of “what” and start to accumulate reasons of why “it” won’t/can’t happen.

    So I plan to create a list of fun things I have been wanting to do and each month complete one. Since I am interested in architecture and history, I will take a waliking tour in June.


    1. I like your reference “like I am the conductor”. This is so very true. And, I can totally relate to what you’re saying about accumulating reasons of why “it” won’t/can’t happen and it to be true for myself too. Can hardly wait to hear about your tour in June! 😀


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