Day 9 – Act or Accept


One of my all time favorite quotes is “ACT or ACCEPT”.   I find it so easy to start justifying for my limitations and essentially making the choice albeit unconsciously to accept.  I caught myself doing that this week with my #1 desire.  Can you believe it?  After deciding I wanted it and investing the time to deliberately create it,  when it appeared on Day 6 that it just might manifest quicker than I anticipated, want to know what I did?

I started arguing for my limitations and slowed down my momentum.   I took massive action on Day 6 and it definitely reinforced that I could do it….but somehow I didn’t factor in that when it comes to faith some things really can manifest in a twinkling of an eye.  I almost blew it and left the opportunity sitting on the table.

However, good thing the Universe is always conspiring to help us because the opportunity represented itself the following day.  This time I did not waver I decided to act and not accept.  It will prove to be very interesting how the outcome will materialize.  But, it really got me to thinking about how we tell ourselves with absolute conviction that we want something and then when it attempts to manifest in a twinkling of an eye we spook ourselves and start arguing for our limitations.

Another interesting thing I noticed is while I’m awaiting the outcome, I keep flip flopping in my mind.  One minute I get flashes of having my desire and singing zippety doo dah and then next moment I’m arguing for my limitations again.  This vicious cycle has been maddening for a day and a half.  So I decided that the best antidote was to take more massive action.  And, that will include but not be limited to acting AS IF.  I’ve decided during the meantime I need to ask myself what would I be thinking, feeling, or doing if things were to actually go my way.

I made a list of 10 very concrete action items to focus my attention.  From what I have read, our subconscious mind has no idea if the information is real or not.  Therefore, if we can stretch our imagination far enough from reality it will go to work for us and be a cooperative component with the Universe to materialize our desires into physical reality.


  • Play Make Believe/Act As If – if it’s a new home you want, then go home shopping on a regular basis.  Just go look at them not only the ones you think you can afford but the ones you think you can’t.  Ask for a few moments alone and pretend you live there and where you will place your furniture.  Once you find one that resonates with you visit it often or take pictures and use them with your visualizations.  If you want a new car, same thing go test drive them as if you were ready to buy one.  Don’t let cost limit you; go test drive the cars you deeply desire.  Get the pricing information, insurance quotes, financing, etc just like you were actually buying the car.  Remember your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between imagined and real.  If it’s a new job, type up your resignation letter, apply to any jobs that make your heart sing, clean out your desk at work, imagine what your office will look like, complete your tasks as if it were the last two weeks.  Relationship?  Easy…set the table for two, clean out space in your closet for your mate, keep an extra toothbrush visible, keep an extra towel hanging in the bath,  make vision boards of the activities you will share together and make it like a photo album scrap book, research venues ideal for dating, research conversation topics so you’ll have endless topics to chat about.
  • Create a Vision Board – find different pictures and make a collage and put it where you can see it often.  Spend time daily, preferably at bed time and when you first awaken, looking at your vision board and evoking the correlating emotions of having them.  If it’s a vacation on your board, then call up the travel agencies and get brochures.  Start purchasing small inexpensive trinkets that you will use on vacation like sunscreen, travel size toiletries, etc.
  • Mediation – nothing like the meditative state to activate and awaken the creative juices of our subconscious mind.  Invest 20 minutes minimum daily to commune with yourself.  The overall benefits of meditation are endless.  Meditation is to the mind as exercise is to our physical bodies.  Try it you will absolutely love it!
  • Network – tell as many people as you trust to be your dream keepers about your aspirations.  They may be able to put you in connection with just the right people to help you manifest your desires in an twinkling of an eye.  Or share with you some information that is pivotal to manifesting your desires.
  • Affirmations – make a list of positive affirmations that support your desires in present tense.  Many thought leaders support the concept of auto-suggestion and that affirmations said aloud daily with conviction can also activate and awaken the creative juices of our subconscious mind.  For instance, let’s say your deepest desire is to transform your body.  An affirmation that could be used is “I eat and think like a healthy 135 lb woman.”  Also, affirmations are a wonderful cure for limiting beliefs that create resistance to us obtaining our desires.  For instance, let’s say I had a bad track record with relationship and I have developed limiting beliefs in the arena of relationships.  Then a sample affirmation that could be used is “love comes to easily and effortlessly and in surprising ways.”  Affirmations are also a good tool to transform unwanted behaviors as well.  For instance, let’s say I have a chronic procrastination habit, “I am action person, I do first things first and one thing at a time” would be an effective affirmation.
  • Scripting – another effective tool to take action to breed confidence and courage.  Scripting can be done in many ways.  One way is to write out a script of an ideal day, event, situation, experience, etc.  The key to scripting is to write it in present tense and use as many descriptive words as you can to evoke the five senses.  Another way to write a script is to answer a prompt in present tense.  For instance, writing out a script to the prompt “If I Had It My Way….” in which you would answer it in present tense of what would be happening right now.  Or, to the prompt “How good can it get for me?” and respond to the prompt with positive what if statements.  Or, to respond to the prompt “wouldn’t it be nice….if”.  The keys to scripting are keep it positive, in present tense, and let your imagination roam freely.
  • Studying Others – There’s a blueprint for success.  Another way to take action and starve doubts and fears is to study other successful people.  If they can do it, you can do it too.  What’s their philosophy?  How did they go about achieving their desires?  What advice do they have to others wanting to achieve the same thing?
  • Feasting on Positive Resources – Nourish your mind daily either through written material, audio, or video with all things positive.   Find out as much as you can on the fundamentals of law of attraction, power of intention, visualization, meditation, energy clearing, magnetism – what it is and how to create it, vibration, gratitude and it’s role in manifesting just to name a few. I’m in the process of building a resource page.  Please share your favorites with us.

Will you act or accept?  Please share with us how you take action and/or how you plan to take action going forward.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

act now

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