Day 10 – Create a New Story

CreateLifeStory_final-smlOur stories shape our lives.  We’re like miniature TV stations constantly broadcasting our stories.  Many of us inherited our stories from our parents, our teachers, our friends, and/or our life experiences.  And, as a result we have decided how much or how little to expect from people, life, and the world at-large.

Our stories have served as ink in which we have written out a specific set of beliefs about how we’re supposed to be, how life’s supposed to be or how other people are supposed to treat us, which in turn heavily influences what we’re even willing to consider doing or not doing.  In short, our stories will have a massive impact on the decisions we make both in the short term and in the long term because it colors how we look at our lives.

If we don’t like what we have created from our stories, we have three choices as to how we’re going to handle the challenge.  The first choice available to us is to assign blame; we can blame events, other people, or ourselves.  However, blame is a choice that doesn’t give us anything but a truckload of negative emotions.  And, on day 10 we now know pervasive negative emotions serve as erasers to our manifestations. Blame leaves you stuck, spinning your wheels with no options to change.

Our second choice is change our life conditions.  We can take a new action, something that will help make significant progress.  For most of us, progress = happiness.  Therefore, if we want to add to our happiness, we can get more focused and specific about what we want to change, and we build momentum toward towards the results we want.

Our third choice is change/create our stories.  Some things are outside of our control, but we CAN control how we set up our rules/scripts about how things should be.  The thing is many of us (talking to myself here!) tell ourselves dis-empowering stories about things that have taken place or has happened in our lives.  And the way we tell these stories makes up our experience of life.  It is time for us to create new stories which includes new rules/scripts about how things should be.

This lesson is illustrated very well in is the movie “The Truman Show”.  The main character Truman lives on a TV set but doesn’t know it.  He doesn’t realize his life is a fake one.  And, all his friends and people around him, are actors who play their roles in the most popular TV-series in the world: “The Truman Show.  Truman thinks that he is an ordinary man with an ordinary life and has no idea about how he is being exploited.  Until one day his boat hits the wall of the set…he finds out everything.

Another movie which illustrates this point very well is “Delirious”.  Jack is the head writer for a successful soap opera, and he has a crush on the show’s star, Laura.  It’s easy for everyone but Jack to see that she’s playing him for a sap.  But, a blow to the head brings Jack some new insights – and some new powers.  After being released from the hospital, on a whim, he whips out his typewriter and writes out a scene with the local mechanic calling to say that his damaged car is repaired.   Immediately after he writes the scene, the mechanic calls and confirms the repairs are finished.  Jack realizes that he can control events by keying them on his typewriter.

Like Truman and Jack, it’s time for us to abandon stories that no longer serves us.  Whether our stories are about love, money, success, failure, shame, blame, ill health or reasons why we aren’t living the life that is ours to live, they are our stories and can be rewritten.  Or tossed out completely and replaced with a new story.  Here and now is our story.

It doesn’t matter what initially shaped those old stagnating stories.  No story is more powerful than we are.  We are not our stories.

We are vibrational timeless, infinite beings powerful beyond measure.  We have the power to choose the stories that shape our lives.  It’s time to stop telling the stories that we don’t want to live.  We need to reclaim our power to choose and create our own evolving stories.

Stories of freedom.  Stories of wealth.  Stories of health.  Stories of ridiculously, loving, healthy romantic relationships.  Stories of sovereignty.  Stories of love and abundance.

It’s time to take back our divine inheritance….the power to choose the stories that are ours to live.  They want us.   Like Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you.” Now, is the time for us to choose our desired outcomes.  Let’s bring them home where they belong.

What story will you be telling?  I invite you to share at least the highlights below in comments.  Take action now so that you can begin creating your new story.  Then we can go somewhere in quiet and write out our new stories and start re-reading them each day with enthusiasm!  Create the emotional stirring in your heart until you’re living it!

Happy Creating!






3 thoughts on “Day 10 – Create a New Story

  1. My Highlights
    – mother of a successful and notable engineer
    – award winning author
    – nationally known inspirational speaker
    – founder of EnergynMotion Foundation
    – proud and happy owner of a lovely 4BR 3.5 BA home
    – prize winner of a figuring contest
    – owner of a quaint restaurant
    – nationally known life coach
    – ridiculously amazing relationship with the type of man I deeply desire
    – healthy, toned, and sculpted body


    1. My Highlights

      – moving into a beach front apartment in my favourite suburb
      – TopEats website taking off and becoming my permanent WELL PAID job
      – My eldest son in a successful career as a personal trainer and massage therapist
      – My youngest son going onto a great career in the army as a strategist
      – Spending the rest of my life with ‘Mr Wonderful’
      – Glowing beautiful face and body
      – Surrounded by loving friends


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