Day 11 – Recovery or Relapse?

EDAW-Recovery-Quote-Day-7 (2)


We are either working on recovery or we’re working on a relapse. – Alcoholic Anonymous

S.L.I.P. – Success Lost Its Priority. Another version of this acronym was found on the website It used Sobriety for the “S”. The word recovery has several meanings. However, the most common meaning that comes to mind for most of them is gaining back something lost. Each definition of recovery has a common thread – returning to a positive stance. Of course, relapse is the opposite of recovery.

How many times in our lives have we decided to make a positive change in our life whether it be weight loss, new career, or to leave a devastating relationship only to find days, weeks or even months later we have relapsed into our original position. Why does this happen?

I believe one answer lies in the acronym S.L.I.P – lost priority. And, I believe another answer is F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real. We must guard our hearts and minds with due diligence in order for recovery to take place. We must focus on our desired outcome and have faith in our power to change. Determine today to have Focus and Faith and discover the key to a full recovery of your heart’s desires.

It is my sincerest hope that we are recovering and staying focused on our daily practices of rating, rehearsing, affirming, and feeling good each and every day. An excellent affirmation for recovery….I will recover everything that is divinely mine by focusing only on what I want to manifest in my life and by having faith in God that it will come to past.

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