Day 12 – Climb Higher


I watch the movie Toast of New York last night and learned many lessons of how to work with the Laws of the Universe as well as what not to do. Toast of New York is a 1937 American biopic that is a fictionalized account of the lives of financiers James Fisk and Edward S. Stokes.  The gist of the movie is notorious robber baron financier Jim Fisk, who makes and loses fortunes, tries to corner the gold market as well as the heart of a beautiful actress.

In one scene after the audience heckles Josie Mansfield, an actress he desires, he gives a passionate talk.  He tells them “Whenever you get your head up above the clouds someone is jealous somebody wants to throw stones.  Laugh at them like I do.  The trouble is we’re not holding our heads up high enough, they can still reach us.  Now we’re going to climb higher all of us.  We’re going to have to climb so high that they will have to break their necks looking at us.”

After hearing him say this it reminded of a motivational speaker who was encouraging his sales staff to be eagles.  He said that one way that eagles dealt with crows was to rise above them. He explained that crows are pests to eagles.  And, how they can’t fly as high as eagles but make a lot of annoying noise and pester eagles when they take off to soar.  How does the eagle handle this distraction?  They rise above the noise.

Along this path of Deliberate Creation and Manifesting we are bound to run into crows aka distractions/conflicts.  The best gift we can give ourselves is to do like Fisk says in the movie…climb higher.  We must rise above the noise of distraction and stay focused on our deepest desires.  Other’s thoughts have no power in our creation – that is, unless we are thinking about their thoughts.

When we choose to climb higher, we do not allow the behavior of another, no matter how ill intentioned it may appear to be (from our point of view) to deprive us of the power, clarity, and joy of that which is truly us.  For that matter we do not allow situations or events to deprive us either.

Join me in the decision and commitment to climb higher.  Let’s be picky about what we give our attention to and make feeling good our number one priority.  When we master climbing higher by ignoring distractions, trusting, and letting go, we will deepen our faith that the Universe is conspiring to help us in every way!


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