Day 18 – What is Fear Costing You?

It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head. – Sally Kempton


I agree it is a war of sorts with our inner self in the area of dismantling limited beliefs, healing old emotional wounds, combating negative thinking, and learning to surrender.  It’s challenging work and it’s not for the faint at heart.  But it is well worth the investment to reap the rewards of the manifestations of the things we deeply desire.

Oftentimes in life we mistakenly believe the enemy of our dreams and desires is outside of us.  When in actuality the enemy that has outposts in our head is fear although it comes in many disguises such as limited beliefs, emotional wounds, negative thinking, discouragement, indecision, procrastination, lack of self-confidence, self-control and discipline, etc.

Fear, a state of mind, is something that one assumes.  Sounds relatively harmless in terms of definition.  However, fear is sufficient to destroy our chances of any personal achievement or undertaking.   But what is fear costing you?  According to Napoleon Hill fear cost us the following:

  • Paralyzes our faculty of reason  – it is virtually impossible to make sound, objective decisions when in the grips of fear
  • Destroys the faculty of imagination – we are unable to make active and voluntarily use of our imaginations because fear overrides and feeds it with a truckload of negative assumptions
  • Kills off self reliance –  we no longer believe we have power and/or influence over the outcome
  • Undermines enthusiasm – pessimism, discouragement, apathy, and depression are the traveling companions of fear and they wipe out enthusiasm
  • Discourages initiative – “why bother? nothing is going to change?” is the lament of fear
  • Leads to uncertainty of purpose –  assumptions, naysayers, and the past erodes purpose  when fear is allowed to run amuck
  • Encourages procrastination – fear whispers it’s too hard, obscure, takes too long and stops us before we start
  • Make self-control impossible – we either lose control to act or we act impulsively/hastily depending upon our assumptions
  • Depletes charm from Personality – charm is replaced with negativity which acts as repulsion
  • Kills our persistence – fear turns our willpower into nothingness, destroys ambition, and invites failure in every conceivable form
  • Obliterates love – inner emotions of the heart are stagnated, discourages friendship, creates an unhealthy obsession with self, and invites disaster in a hundred forms to destroy or disable our ability to trust and engage in healthy relations with others
  • Leads to sleeplessness – fear generates a hamster wheel like quality of thinking that’s involuntary and gains momentum to the point in which it becomes difficult to disengage or turn off

Powerful and mighty is the human mind!  It builds or it destroys!  Fear costs us too much. This is why we must take command and intentionally train, discipline, and condition the mind to imagine we are seeing what we want to see.  That we are hearing what we want to hear and touching what we want to touch.  We must practice giving our imaginary state all the feelings of reality.  And, arouse the mood of accomplishment and the feeling of relief.

Neville Goddard says when we do this it is “the ACTIVE VOLUNTARY USE of the imagination (faith), as distinguished from the PASSIVE INVOLUNTARY ACCEPTANCE of appearances (fear).  I spent almost the entire day battling with fear.  It was a very nasty battle indeed.  I refused to let it conquer me and tonight I will engage in my nightly ritual of active voluntary use of my imagination.  I will rewrite the events of the day that fed my fears.  And, I will elicit the help of my subconscious mind via my imagination day in and day out until I reap success.

Enjoy the following quotes by Steve Chandler which reminds us to act and to act as if.  This is how we light the fire of faith within us and fan its flames by remembering to act and to act as if.  Enjoy!

“So, you light the fire within by taking the action that you would be taking if the fire were already lit — and that lights the fire. The action lights the fire. And yet… The whole world is sitting around waiting to find something that will start the fire.”

“Do it badly; do it slowly; do it fearfully; do it any way you have to, but do it.”

“Help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it may be.”

“Purpose can be built, strengthened,d and made more inspiring every day.  We are totally responsible for our own sense of purpose.  We can go inside our own spirit and create it, or not.  The energy of our lives is wholly dependent on how much purpose we’re willing to create.”

“Negative thinking is something we all do. The difference between the person who is primarily optimistic and the person who is primarily pessimistic is that the optimist learns to become a good debater. Once you become thoroughly aware of the effectiveness of optimism in your life, you can learn to debate your pessimistic thoughts.”



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