Day 20 – If I Had It My Way……

I am sitting on the edge of my soft, plush king size bed in my room at Sunset Resort and Spas in Curacao.   The beautiful hues of the bluish-green, pea green, and brown color scheme is very tranquil and relaxing.  I feel extremely calm and peaceful especially with my ocean view.  Hearing the whoooosh of the ocean as it ebbs and flow combined with the echoes of the sea gull is nothing short of divine.  I plan to order room service and dine on my private spacious terrace and soak in the beauty of the full moon as its majestic rippled reflection on the ocean.

I remember when being able to vacation at this destination was a fleeting dream.  I have been aching to vacation here since I visited the island as an excursion as part of five day cruise.  Earlier today I toured the resort and breathtaking is all I can say.  I am totally looking forward to enjoying unlimited fun at this resort for the next five days and four nights.

Tropical beaches, savory dining, unlimited drinks, exciting activities and entertainment….what better way to celebrate my 50th birthday?!?  It is going to be a struggle for me not to make myself at home and stay in and enjoy every minute of my spacious, comfortable, gorgeous suite.  But, alas I will have to tear myself from my room to immerse myself in a world of pampering and tranquility for the day while enjoying a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Finally I will satisfy my thirst for adventure and check off an item on my bucket list and enjoy an afternoon swim with the dolphins.  And, as a bonus being the dolphin lover that I am …I will learn about their behavior, physiology, and adaption during a class offered with my amazing package.  I am thrilled and elated and am looking forward to what I know will be an unforgettable and ridiculously amazing 50th birthday!


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