Day 23 – In the Meantime…….



I believe in the meantime is the most challenging part of manifesting.  I describe in the meantime to be the period between making up your mind you really, really, really want something and it manifesting.   It’s during this time that so many people quit.  Oftentimes, the day before the miracle happens.  It especially gets challenging when it appears nothing is happening at all!  Or, many things appear to be happening but they end up being false manifestations.  This is why during this time we really can’t judge anything by appearances but must stay steadfast to the vision until it manifests in our physical reality.


When we avoid judging appearances in the meantime, it will really help us from feeding the silence with negativity.  Sitting around doing nothing while waiting for our manifestations is setting ourselves us to feed our doubts, worries, insecurities, and fears.   Not to mention it provides ample time to misjudge appearances.  As illustrated in the picture above, we may think we have a lot more than we really have or think we have a lot less than we really we have.  I also interpret this picture to mean it may appear as if nothing is happening when in actuality the Universe is busy conspiring to help us.  But, we just can’t see it yet.

However, if we are busy taking action it will prevent us from causing ourselves needless suffering in the meantime.  Action is the best antidote to any negative emotions that may arise when life conditions don’t equal our vision of how things should be, and we feel like we have no control to change it.  There are three common pitfalls we must avoid in the meantime and action will help us to avoid all three.

The three common pitfalls in the meantime are as follows:

  1. Thinking the appearance is permanent.  No matter how convincing appearances may be, no matter how intense it seems, it’s going to have to end.  It may not end when you want, and it may not end the way you expected, but it will end.  We do not always have control over life circumstances, but failing to recognize that we can control meaning is what causes us to suffer.  Antidote: take action to reframe the meaning to shift our attitudes.

A change in attitude is a change of position on the playing field of life.  The game of life is not being  played out there in what we call time and space; the real moves in the game of life take place within, on the playing field of the mind. – Neville Goddard

2. Thinking the appearance is pervasive. “Because this relationship is over, my whole life is messed up.  Because my finances are messed up, I have no life.”  Nothing is pervasive.  It just appears that way because we have a tendency to keep saying it’s that way.  Whatever appears to be happening, it doesn’t have to affect everything.  As long as we are alive, we can take action to change the way we are thinking about it.  Antidote: For instance, instead of saying my whole life is messed up because a relationship is over, we can take action and refocus on ourselves, our goals, and what makes us happy.  Instead of saying I don’t have a life because of financial constraints, we can take action and incorporate more things in our life that don’t require money and show ourselves we do have a life.

The smallest change in perspective can transform a life.  What tiny attitude adjustment might turn your world around? – Oprah

3. Thinking the appearance is personal.  “It’s something wrong with me.  Why is life so unfair to me?  They are intentionally trying to stop me, hold me back, put a stumbling block in my way.”  When we mistakenly believe we are our behaviors, we are not going to change it because we don’t think we can.  It’s an identity issue. Antidote:  We can take action and focus on our strengths and position ourselves to engage in using our strengths more often.  In other words, take action and accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives.

Authentic power is building something inside of you, which you cannot lose and that no one can take from you. – Gary Zukav


What actions can you take in the meantime to breed confidence and courage?  What actions can you take to go out and get busy to conquer your fears?

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