Day 24 – Sell Yourself First!


self yourself 1Can’t stress it enough times if we want to win in life we have to win in our own minds first.  I remember when I was in direct sales and the largest part of our profit margin was in recruiting.  My first full year I avoided recruiting and only wanted to sell the product.  I didn’t see recruiting at that time as selling our profit program.  And, I didn’t see anyone wanting to join the company with me and I thought I was taking advantage of folks by recruiting them because others would make a profit off their sales including me.  Needless to say, I didn’t recruit anyone the first year.

However, each year our company would offer us a chance to earn an all-expense paid trip during the first three months of the year.  Going into my second year with the company the trip was to Cancun to stay at an all-inclusive resort called “Moon Palace”.  Well I had a red hot burning desire to go BUT the caveat was I had to sponsor (recruit) two new people and they had to qualify with $1,200 in sales.

I floundered during my first attempts of sponsoring because I hadn’t sold myself on the idea that others wanted what I was offering… an opportunity to earn money selling the product.  But, I really really wanted to go on this trip it had become my burning desire.  Luckily, I read this book called The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Hanson. This book really helped me to re-frame things and I was able to sell the idea and benefits of sponsoring to myself first.

Once I was sold, I was on fire.  What was the end result?  I sponsored six people more than enough to satisfy the sponsoring requirement to earn the trip.  And, I was promoted to Unit Leader and earned extra points towards a second trip for my husband at the time.  It was exciting and proved to be an intangible learning lesson.  That in order to win in life, I had to win in my own mind first.

I used the sheer power of faith to earn that trip.  I put up a sign of my affirmation everywhere on my ceiling, in my car, the refrigerator, the kitchen cabinets, my bathroom mirror.  I still remember what it said too….”I am joyfully receiving 36,000 points and promoting to Unit Leader by April 1, 2001 to enjoy an all inclusive vacation in Cancun.”  People chuckled when they got in my car and saw it plastered on both doors but I didn’t care.  I was  on a mission and wasn’t accepting defeat.

I was featured in our company magazine and I gained the cooperation of others and found favor in their eyes.  Today I am reminded that in order to win in life I have to win in my mind first.  I caught myself falling into the trap of preparing for the worst right here on the eve of my deepest desire coming true.  Instead of being filled with anticipation, eagerness, excitement, and enthusiasm, I allowed my mind to run wild.  I need to regain possession of my mind.  I must redirect and command it towards my goal.  I’m too close to allow undisciplined and sloppy thinking.

One of the greatest gifts we have been bestowed in life is free will.  Free will means we have complete control over our minds.  We can choose to think and believe whatever we want to think and believe. I choose to exercise that free will and believe that the more I direct and control my mind to see my desires unfolding and others fully cooperating with me the more I will enjoy the riches and reward of this life time.

Declaring our aim, adopting our aim, believing our aim, and going to work on our aim are the keys to unlocking what we want.  But we must sell ourselves first.  And, once we are sold, selling others is a cinch!

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