Day 26 – Despise Not the Day of Small Beginnings

I’m reminded of this passage in the Bible today based on observing someone else’s lament and becoming frustrated with waiting for their desire to unfold.  They were becoming impatient because basically they were slipping into the mindset of “I want it ALL now!”  It’s easy to become frustrated and discouraged when we want the whole enchilada. Especially when we want it right now!

In spite of experiencing small successes it’s easy to fall into this trap because we mistakenly believe there is some all-time destination of happiness. We believe if we can get that guy or girl, then we will be happy forever more.  If we get the job, wealth, health, house, car, vacation, promotion, lose weight, etc.  Or it could be when we change jobs, sell the house, sell the car, etc. You name it each of us has a different elusive all time happiness destination.

However when we do this, we tend to fall into the trap of despising the day of small beginnings.  At some point in time we all wonder if our efforts are making a difference. We are susceptible to become discouraged and thinking that our acts of kindness or work towards our goals are insignificant.

First we must recognize there is no all time destination of happiness.  I agree with the quote happiness is a manner of traveling not a destination.  Change is inevitable and we were born to create.  Some of our greatest joys come from the act of creating.  Especially when we create from the standpoint of gratitude and not need.   When we do this we celebrate the small beginnings because we know it is only the beginning and have every confidence in believing the best is yet to come.

When we despise not the day of small beginnings, we say thank you, thank you, thank you for anything that remotely resembles moving in the direction of our desires unfolding.   For instance, if our deepest desire is to look for a job.  Small beginnings may be applying for a lot of jobs with no call backs.  We could despise this OR we could look at it and say thank you, thank you, thank you for the jobs that are available and be faithful to our desire and say “There are plenty of good paying jobs available that I’m capable of getting.”

Or maybe it could be our small beginnings have increased and we are applying for the jobs, getting the interviews but no job offers.  We could despise this OR we could look again and say thank you, thank you, thank you because I’m getting closer to my desires unfolding and be faithful once again to our desires and say “There are plenty of good paying jobs available that I’m capable of getting.”

Gratitude is to manifesting our desires as fertilizer is to manifesting a plant.  The more gratitude we fertilize our desires with the more increases we yield until we harvest our desires.  This happens a lot in dating too.  I’ve been guilty of it a time of two or three but who’s counting right?  In dating we can get so caught up into reaching the all time elusive destination of happiness we forget to be thankful for the opportunity to get to know the other person, we forget to be thankful for the opportunities to relate, we forget to be thankful for words/acts of encouragement, affection, affirmation, care, concern, etc. , we forget to be thankful for the time another person gifts to us.

Time is an irreplaceable gift and we take it for granted far too often.  When someone gives you with their time, they are giving a part of themselves that is irreplaceable as they will never get the time back.  So why fill it with arguments about lack of titles, who did or didn’t do the dishes, who did or didn’t leave the seat up, who did or didn’t do whatever, who should or shouldn’t do whatever, who would or wouldn’t do whatever.  Instead be thankful for as much as you can for the person in your life at the moment and maximize the moments and infuse it with as much love, care, concern, laughter, fun, and relating as you possibly can.

I know the Bible says “he that is faithful over a few things I will make him ruler of many”.   However, I also believe that he who is thankful over a few things will be thankful over many.  I invite you to not despise the day of small beginnings but to rejoice that work has started.  And, to remember the joy is found in the journey!



One thought on “Day 26 – Despise Not the Day of Small Beginnings

  1. I am amazed by this. I look forward to reading these everyday either in the morning with my morning coffee or at night before bedtime, it helps me begin or end my day. Because of how it makes me feel after and how helps me cope with life, I am grateful. I really needed to read this one today and I will probably read it other days too. Now I’m off to read todays, I have them all coming in to my email so that I don’t miss them. Thanks so much! ~V 🙂


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