Day 29 – Today Could be the Day!

don't quitToday could be the day!  Don’t give up the day before the miracle happens.  So often when we don’t see immediate results, we want to quit.  We are conditioned to be such a microwave generation.  We’ve lost the art of patiently waiting.  We want what we want and we want it right now.  I wonder how many times have we quit the moment right before the miracle would’ve happened.

We need to learn to live in the end.  Well let me speak for myself at least I do.  I have learned a lot over the past 29 days while focusing on manifesting my deepest desires.  Some days I feel down right frustrated and want to say “stop looking like an idiot don’t you see it’s just not happening for you?”  And, then I have to stop and ask myself “and just how am I looking like an idiot when most folks don’t even know I’m practicing living from my end or for that matter what my deepest desire i?”

It’s so easy to talk about having faith but the application of having faith is a totally different ball game.  I discovered that it was easy for me to have so-called “faith”  when I was given some type of “sign” and/or “appearance” that my desires were on its way to unfolding.  But, struggled terribly within myself on days where it seems like absolutely nothing at all was happening in my favor OR “appeared” to going in the total opposite direction.

It isn’t faith if we must rely on any of our five physical senses in order to believe.  Faith is believing when there isn’t one sign of it happening in sight or when it seems like the total opposite is happening.  I think that is what the past 29 days have really been about for me having faith. It is challenging to go to bed each night and rehearse the script of living in the end after not receiving one iota of physical data to support it’s on the way.

One night I had convinced myself it’s no use just give up.  But I have learned  when those moments hit, it’s no longer faith I am exercising, instead I have let go of faith and have formed an attachment.  Attachments can kill your dreams.  Attachments can be to how it will happen, when it will happen, where it will happen, etc.  Attachments make me feel anxious, impatient, impetuous, angry, discouraged, despondent, defeated, foolish, etc.

Attachments cause me to concoct all kinds of scenarios to take hasty action in an attempt to force what I want to happen.  But, none of that is faith.  Also, I’ve noticed attachment says I’ve got to have it right now, I need it to make me happy, or life will be good when.  Whew!  All I can tell you is attachments can make you feel like you’re going insane.  And, it can drive me stark raving mad too if I allowed this runaway train to continue.

However, the biggest lesson I have learned the past 29 days is this…. either I can rule my mind or my mind will rule me.  I have learned beyond the shadow of the doubt that it is imperative for me to take possession of my mind and discipline, train, and direct it to focus on the end goal.  Each time I reel it back in and take dominion over my thoughts the happier and freer I become.  And, the more real my end goal becomes to me.

And, the more real it becomes to me the more I start to see tiny evidences that my desire is about to unfold.  Faith truly will help us to call forth the seen from the unseen.   When given the opportunity, it will prove to us time and time again that all things are possible to him who believes.  I am learning how to master selecting and entering a desired state in my imagination.  I am cultivating the skill of using all five of my imaginary senses to feel myself right into the wish being fulfilled.

Faith is showing me the way to imagine ahead of any physical evidence and to live as though it were true.  It’s a shame that something so easy, natural, and normal to use in childhood takes so much energy and effort to use in adulthood.  However, I’m re-learning how to use the power of my imagination to activate my faith because I know it will help me to easily and effortlessly go after what I want, to have the courage to ask for what I want, and to take massive steps forward towards my deepest desires.

I will be loyal and faithful to my dreams because today could be the day!  I invite you to join me in being loyal and faithful to yours too!



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