Writing 101, Day 10: Ain’t We Lucky We Got ‘Em….

You have no idea how fond my memories are of when my brother and I would get off the bus and come home from school. As soon as we hit the door and our books were put away my brother would head for the kitchen. We were known to have an after school brawl a time or two but never when he was on his way to the kitchen.

First he would fire up the fry daddy and electric skillet. And, while he was waiting for the grease to get hot, he pop open the freezer zip out some frozen hamburger patties and plop them down into the sizzling hot electric skillet. And, it was riiiiiight about then my mouth would start to water because I knew my favorite childhood meal was on its way to delight my taste buds. Yummm! As a matter of fact, my taste buds are having major flashbacks as we speak.

My brother would make THE best hamburgers. His secret ingredients you might ask? Garlic and Liquid Smoke. When I tell you the house was filled with an aroma that would tantalize your nose, ZOMG, the savory smell alone made me want to jump into the skillet and devour the burger even before it was done. But, I would show restraint and patiently wait for my afternoon delight.

Finally, the burgers are ready and the fries are ready. But it’s not time to eat yet. You know why? Because then he would make the creamiest, most flavorable, delectable chocolate milkshake known to palates of mankind all over the world. I promise you at this point my appetite would be standing at attention anxiously awaiting satisfaction.

Not much longer at this point…zwummmmmm, zwummmmmm, zwummmmmm was the pleasing sounds to my ear as the blender was whining and grinding my all time favorite frozen treat. Finally the food is ready and it’s time for me to go ravish my afternoon delight while enjoying another episode of Good Times. Appropriately titled to because these were good times from childhood.

4 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day 10: Ain’t We Lucky We Got ‘Em….

  1. Yum I’m hungry. I was just randomly singing the Good Times theme song too, what a coincidence. Brings back good memories.


    1. Thanks for your feedback. It was part our 30 day writing challenge and I was wondering how well I did with using descriptive words. I appreciate all of your comments. Keep ’em coming! 😀


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