Day 31 – There’s More Than One Way

sufferingRecognizing there is more than one way for our desires to manifest fuels faith and elevates good feelings.  Attachments says there is only one way for my desire to be delivered to me thus placing everything into a box.  When our desires don’t appear to be materializing in that one way, we automatically enter into scarcity thinking followed by feelings of suffering.

I find my feelings have been up and down as it relates to manifesting my desires the past 30 days.  And, when I experience the lows, I have observed it’s at those times I have become attached to my desires materializing in one specific way.  Attachments according to Mindy Audlin usually show up in one of two of the following ways:

-Attachment to outcomes: The thought that you neeeeeeeed something to occur “out there” in order to be happy. You are attached to outcomes if you are waiting for your partner to change, your boss to lighten up, your car to get fixed, or your health to improve so that you can love your life.
-Attachment to processes: The thought that the manifestation of your desires must occur according to your plan. This is an easy trap for those of us who like to “make things happen.” Go ahead and make plans. Non-attachment simply means that you are wiling to allow a new path to emerge and to greet the unfolding process with enthusiasm!

I have discovered the instant I attach myself to a specific person’s actions or words or to a certain outcome, I give away my personal power to external forces and circumstances.  Essentially I am giving away my power to create my own reality because there is no creative power in attachments.  That’s because our attachment to outcome always springs from a deep-rooted awareness that we don’t have what we seek.  If remained unchecked, this ‘lack consciousness’ can lead us down some very unwanted paths.

To be attached to anything or to anyone is telling ourselves that we are somehow incomplete without that person, thing or event in our lives.  And, as a result we create within us a desperate need to control the process and breed doubts that we can manifest what we truly desire.  Kahlil Gibran said it best, “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.”

Faith is the antidote to attachments.  If we truly believe that God/Universe is abundant then we should stop being silly rabbits and limiting infinitely many resources.  Recognizing that God/Universe is the engineer of our manifestation train allows us to focus on living from our end game with elevated feelings and to relax and enjoy whatever comes what may.

Our knowledge and resources fail in comparison to that of God/Universe.  It’s almost like our children asking us to help them manifest something in their lives.  But they keep interfering and having temper tantrums because they don’t see our efforts to bring it to pass. Or because they lack the knowledge and/or resources we do as parents to make it happen on their behalf and they mistakenly belief it can only happen the one way they have come up with based on their limited view.

A chill pill is needed in the manifestation process and an understanding that their are infinitely many ways a desire can be brought into fruition.  Just because the one way failed that our hearts was set upon, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen.   God/Universe has record of ALL of our desires and ALL of them will be considered to determine THE best way for our desires to be fulfilled.

For instance, let’s say a person had a deep desire for a new home and a relationship.  And the person’s heart was set to manifest one particular home for them but it failed to manifest.  What if God/Universe didn’t deliver that one home because there is another equivalent or better home in a location where God/Universe can easily orchestrate that person meeting a mate they deeply desire as well?

We must trust that sometimes our manifestations fail because it doesn’t yield the biggest bang for our harvest bucks.  We must trust that even though we have a deep desire for the one way that if for whatever reason it doesn’t manifest ….it is for our highest good.  When feelings of attachment come zoom out and remember to have faith and rest assured that there is more than one way for your desires to be fulfilled.


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