Day 32: Reject Rejection

I remember when I was in direct sales rejection often times felt like the greatest form of failure.  In the beginning I would will feel the pang of failure with every no I received.  I would let it get to me and have me frozen and incapable of getting back on the phone to make more calls to secure appointments.  No one would want to be rejected, right?  Wrong!  I learned from experienced people in the business to reject rejection.

I noticed they welcomed rejection with slogans like “every no moves you that much closer to a yes”. They would challenge us with contests like get a 100 Noes.  The objective would be to call until you received a 100 noes.  Want to know the irony?  It never happened for me.  Inevitably I would receive a yes in the process.  They understood something that exercises like these taught me…the law of averages.  Understanding the law of averages helps you to not mind rejection.  In fact, you count on it and even begin to welcome it.

Why?  Because you realize that it typically takes ten rejections to one success.  Once you know the truth about the law of averages, you will never look at rejection with the same gloom and doom.  You know that rejection is a necessary part of your journey to success.  When I was in direct sales, I figured out my law of averages to earn the money I needed each month and to reach my goals.  I knew for every ten sales calls I made I would book a show.  And, I would use the company average to calculate on average how much I would earn per month.  So, instead of hyperfocusing on rejection, I just focused on the actions needed to reach my sales goals.

Can you imagine the power that comes from knowing and embracing the law of averages?  You won’t get frustrated or stuck from a no.  You will understand that it’s just a part of the process of getting to a yes!  Embrace the law of averages.  Know exactly what you have to do to get the results you want.  How many noes do you need to accept in order to get to a yes?  When you embrace the law of averages, you will stop fearing the word no and begin to respect it.  Open yourself up to enough noes in your life so that you won’t be afraid of rejection anymore.

When you have respect for the word no, you will not only help yourself approach people with confidence, but you will also start to attract people to you.  You will see yourself as a genuine match for the “right” person and/or opportunity.  Others will see you this way also and be attracted to you.  Respecting the word no can help you to regain your courage.  How many noes do you need to reach your goal? I dare you to keep going until you get 100 noes in a row.




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