Day 34 – Do More and Do It Better

Do a little more than you’re paid to
Give a little more than you have to
Try a little harder than you want to
Aim a little higher than you think possible
And give a lot of thanks to God for
health, family and friends.
– Art Linkletter

Do each day all that can be done that day.  Especially as it relates to your goals and desires. This doesn’t mean to overwork or blindly rush in attempting to do the greatest number of things in the shortest amount of time.  But, it does mean prioritizing and getting in the habit of doing first things first and one thing at a time.  Get in the habit each day of writing down the top six things you must do that day.

After writing them down, don’t look at the others only the first one, and work on it solely until it’s completed.  Then proceed to the next one and only work on it until completed.  Don’t worry if you only finished one or two the others can wait.  If you couldn’t finish them all by this method, then you wouldn’t have  finished them anyway.

The idea of taking things one at a time and in their proper order, of staying with one task until it’s successfully completed before moving to the next will drastically increase your completion rate.  This simple but tremendously effective method will take confusion out of your life and allow you to do more and do it better.  Capacity is a state of mind.

How much we can do depends on how much we think we can do.  When you really believe you can do more, your mind thinks creatively and shows you the way.  Success minded people constantly ask themselves two questions: (1) how can I improve the quality of my performance? (2) how can I do better? Just like General Electric’s old slogan their mantra is “Progress is our most important product.”  Why not make progress your most important product?  The I-can-do-better philosophy works magic.

Before jotting down your six most important daily tasks to complete, devote 10 minutes to thinking “How can I do a better job today?”  Ask, “What can I do today to encourage my employees?” “What special favor can I do for my customers?” “How can I increase my efficiency?”  This exercise works.

Try it and you’ll find unlimited creative ways to win greater success.  The success combination is do what you do better (improve the quality of your output) and do more of what you do (increase the quantify of your output) and apply it in business, in the home, in the community, basically implement it wherever you go.

Top success in any endeavor is reserved for the I-can-do-it-better kind of person.


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