Day 38 – How to Get the Results You Want

what you wantLack of confidence and too much effort are the fundamental reasons for failure.   Many people fall prey to failure because they lack the understanding of their subconscious mind.  We gain a great measure of confidence when we understand how our mind works.

We must remember whenever your subconscious mind accepts and idea, it immediately begins to execute it.  It uses all its powerful resources and activates all the mental and spiritual laws of our deeper mind.  This hold true for good or bad ideas.

Consequently, if we use it negatively, it brings trouble, failure, and confusion.  However, when we use it constructively, it brings guidance, freedom, and peace of mind.  The right answer is inevitable when our thoughts are positive, constructive, and loving.

The only thing we have to do in order to overcome failure and get the results we want is to get our subconscious to accept our idea or request  by feeling the reality of it now and the law of our minds will do the rest.  Turn over our requests with faith and confidence and our subconscious  will take over and find an answer for us.

Our failure to get results often times come from entertaining contrary thoughts such as “Things are getting worse.”  “I see no way out.” “It is hopeless.” “I don’t know what to do.” “I’m all mixed up.” With statements like these, we’ll get no cooperation from our subconscious mind.  Like a car in neutral, we won’t go forward or backward.  In other words, we won’t get anywhere.

It’s like getting in a taxi and giving the driver half dozen different directions in five minutes. He would become hopelessly confused and probably refuse to drive us anywhere.  It is the same when working with our subconscious mind.  There must be a clear cut idea in our minds.  We must make a definite decision that there is a way out, a solution for the results we desire.  Only the infinite intelligence within our subconscious mind knows the answer.

When we come to that clear cut decision in our conscious mind, our mind is then made up, and according to our belief it will be done unto us and we will get the results we want.

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