Day 59 – Life is Happening Now

Life is Now

I realize I have wasted a good portion of my adult life waiting for life to happen.  Waiting to do so many things that I was interested in, waiting for the relationship I wanted, waiting for the job I wanted, waiting for the opportunities I desired.  However, life was passing me by and I was not living.

Earlier during this series of posts I said that I was going to start experimenting with my life and I have been doing exactly that.  Last night I went kayaking for the first time at a local State Park and had an absolute blast laughing and once again awakening a new part of me.

As we began to start our guided tour the moon was just starting to peak and it was indeed beautiful.  We had the pleasure of enjoying a Super Moon, when the moon is closest to the earth, during our tour.

Kayak 1
The moon barely topping the trees at the beginning of our tour.


With this experience I received a lesson in facing my fears.  During the tour we took a break to hear tidbits about the history of the park and area.  Well the guide informed us we had to kayak through a tunnel and that it was so shallow that we needed to lean back and to beware of  spiders in the tunnel.  Well, I’m tad bit touched with claustrophobia and was having a very adverse reaction to going through this tunnel.

However, I had no choice the guide said because we had to all stay together.  Trust me at this point I was not a happy camper.  However, I told my friend we need to stay with the guide because I didn’t want to have to wait for the others to go through the tunnel and that I wanted to get it over with.

We ended up being right behind the tour guide’s kayak.  Thank goodness! On the other side of my fear,  it wasn’t nearly as monumental as I had originally made it out to be in my mind.  But still didn’t like that part so much.  However, it felt good to face my fears.

A little too close for comfort.
A little too close for comfort.

The overall tour took two hours.  Needless to say I was extremely tired afterwards.  However, I had an absolute blast!  And, would definitely do it again.  It was worth it to soak up the magnificence of such a gorgeous super moon.



My takeaway lesson…. life should be lived each day until bedtime and to be open to whatever comes next.  I look forward to enjoying more things on my bucket list because trying new things is totally addictive and is adding new meaning to my life. 

My great aunt had it right when she said “Live well while you can.”  No more waiting for me….after all as the old adage goes…”Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?”  I will live life and live it more abundantly!





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