Leave Resistance Behind

changeIt’s been awhile since I posted.  I was distracted and reminded once again that change in life is inevitable.  Sometimes it’s invited and sometimes it seems as if it is being forced down our throats nevertheless it is inevitable.  Change doesn’t have to send us nosediving head first into negative emotions though.  But more times than not when it is uninvited change this is exactly our knee jerk reaction.

I know because I’m just bouncing back from spiraling out of control as the result of uninvited change.  But, I’m gradually realizing that once again in the grand scheme of things it really was an overall good thing for my life.  I think one of the things I’ve learned this last episode is once again resistance is the mother of all suffering and is hell.

I resisted the change and the more I resisted it, the more my soul was grated and the more disappointed and despondent I felt.  I finally decided in the middle of one of my infinitely many temper tantrums to stop and listen to an Abraham Hicks audio on Youtube.  I ended up listening to three different ones and felt a thousand times better too.

In one audio Hicks said that disappointment was taking score too soon.  I agree with that and in hindsight I can see where I was once again starting to take score too soon.  And, it reminded me of the quote “Just because something isn’t happening for you right now doesn’t mean that it will never happen.”

Just because something isn’t happening for you right now doesn’t mean that it will never happen.

Sometimes life shakes us up a bit and redirects our paths to our greatest yield because our current path is leading to a mediocre one.  It’s during these times we have to attend to what we really want all the more and not give into the urge to amplify what isWhat is is temporal and oftentimes what is can give the false impression that what we want will never happen and that simply is not the case.

We have to remain steadfast and unmovable and reaffirm that well being is flowing to us and  refuse to take score too soon.  We need to stay in harmony with what it is we desire and stop noticing it’s not here yet and focus on feeling good when we think about what it is we desire.

We must remain hopeful and in anticipation that everything is right on schedule.  It is in our best interest to remind ourselves that there is no destination called happiness and we will always be expanding and life will always be changing.  It’s not about getting it done; it’s about the process of becoming.

In the meantime, we must focus on feeling eager, patient, and in great anticipation of our desires unfolding.  If we are happy on the way to it then we will be happy when it happens.  If we are miserable on the way to it then we will be miserable when it happens.  I agree with Hicks it’s an emotional journey.

And, we can choose to feel good or at least reach for better feelings no matter what.  And, we do that by choosing thoughts that brings us relief and stop giving our energy to what is but instead give it to what it is that we desire.  It’s time to leave resistance behind and say to ourselves “It is what it is” and pour all of our energy and attention into reaching for better feelings and focusing on what it is we desire.

I invite you to join me in practicing healthy selfishness by making nothing more important than you feeling good.  And, to reach for feeling good and leave resistance behind.

4 thoughts on “Leave Resistance Behind

  1. Excellent post. You make a great point about starting to take score too soon. I struggle with being patient as well,sometimes as much when circumstances are shifting in my favor as when times are tough.


  2. great post! i’m a huge AH fan (saw them live a few months ago!) but haven’t been listening much lately. i’m going through major job changes and think this is a great time to start watching those youtubes again. 😉 thanks, aleya


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