It’s MY Journey

journeyToday I was reminded again to allow myself to be who I really am.  So many times in life we are faced with people, situations, and circumstances that causes us to doubt ourselves or to be tempted to twist ourselves to accommodate others and/or attempting to change to soothe them.  But today I remembered when face with such a situation that my soothing is my job and anyone else’s soothing is their job.

I’m done standing on my head and/or jumping through hoops like a circus poodle to assuage other people’s feelings.  Either accept me for who I am or the EXIT sign is right over there.  Am I saying that going forward that I will be uncompromising,inconsiderate, inflexible?  No. 

But there is a marked difference between being compromising and changing my behavior and making too much out of other people’s imbalances.  And, allowing their imbalances to disrupt MY journey.

This is MY journey and I need to practice healthy selfishness and make feeling good my number one priority.  And how do I do that?  By paying attention to what my emotions are communicating to me at all times. 

My emotions are similar to the various warning systems in our cars that tell us when need to refuel our tanks, change the oil, put air in our tires, etc.  Certainly we would not ignore them and simply say oh well it’s just the car and keep driving without making adjustments/changes.

Instead we would see them as a signal that something needs to change.  Likewise my number one job is to pay attention to my emotions when they start to swing over to the negative side because it is a signal clearly saying something needs to change.  Either my perception or my procedure.

My emotions are constantly giving me feedback saying either “Yes! you are moving toward something that is feels good or No! you are moving toward something that feels bad.”  And our thoughts are like the steering wheel.  Certainly we would not continue to keep our car pointed towards a ditch and simply say oh well it’s just the car and I can’t help the direction it’s going in.

Likewise we can’t just allow ourselves to continue to feel bad and say oh well it’s just how I feel until it changes somehow.  No, we must take hold of the steering wheel and turn it around. And, the way we do that is to steer our thinking towards thoughts that either bring us relief or make us feel good.

We take ourselves and life waaaaay to serious by constantly hyper focusing on the evidence of what is in the present moment.  And, then we let our minds play tricks on us and take the evidence of the present moment and project it all the way out to the future.  Especially when it is evidence of the negative variety.  I’m truly baffled as to why do we do this to ourselves.

The best way to make sense of My Journey is to take the time and pay attention to what I’m feeling and then exploring what my feelings are telling me.  And, in the process I need to be easy on myself and easy on others.  We are all in this life trying to make sense of our journey. 

Some of us do a good job managing our emotional feedback systems and engaging in self-soothing.  And, some of us are still acting like two year old throwing temper tantrums and handing our personal power away on a silver platter. 

How?  Because we are still attempting to make someone, some event, some situation, etc our ‘be all’ ‘end all’ and when it doesn’t happen we throw a fit trying to demand that life or someone else change in order for us to get what we want and be happy.

Ironically, whenever we do get what we want we are happy all of 30 secs, one minute at the most.  It’s like a blip on the radar and then just like a two year old our attention has shifted to the next object of our ‘be all’ ‘end all’.  Living life in this manner will drain us and shorten our years due to monumental stress. 

It is a much easier life when we make sense of our journey and recognize that we can always feel better at whatever stage we are in life and it is then that we can get over to the other side and enjoy what we desire.  When we make sense of our journey, we are in alignment with our true selves and their are no downsides.

Because when we are in alignment with our true selves we experience leverage, clarity, vitality, humor, balance, creativity, joy, and love, just to name a few.  When we are aligned with our true selves, all the rest of it doesn’t matter because we are connected to our Source Energy (God).  And we know and trust that we are in good hands.  We rise above and understand it’s MY journey and that it is an emotional journey.



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