♥♥ Ten Things I Love ♥♥

things i loveI was going through one of my old journals and ran across the following entry entitled “Ten Things I Love”:

  1. I love hugging and talking with my son
  2. I love being still with God/Universe
  3. I love reading a positive inspiring book
  4. I love teaching, motivating, inspiring, and coaching others
  5. I love seeing the light bulb come on for people when learning and the sparkle in children’s eyes
  6. I love watching a beautiful sunset, sunrise, or full moon
  7. I love feeling the cool fall or spring breeze on my face
  8. I love listening to music
  9. I love learning and trying new things
  10. I love horseback riding

Today I am reminded to include more of the things I love into my day-to-day life.   And, I invite you to join me and do more of what makes you happy.  Please share the ten things you love in the comments below.  I find it inspiring to read about what others love.


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