How Do I Want This Day to Be Remembered?

live to the fullOn yesterday, I decided to commit to find an answer to this question daily for the next 30 days “How do I want this day to be remembered?”.

Today was day 1 and I made one of the best memories I have in a very, very long time. I can’t remember the last time something had me feeling so exhilarated! So tonight I asked myself “How do I want this day to be remembered?” for tomorrow. I googled and finally found a free event that peaked my interest…. I’m going to attend a free recital on the campus of a well known private university nearby.

I’ve never attended a recital so this should be an interesting event. It is open to the public. I found several other events I want to attend as well that are free including some fascinating lectures. I think I want each day to be remembered by trying something new and/or different. I don’t know if my schedule will permit to go and do something new each day or not. But, I will plan something each day to answer how do I want this day to be remembered.

Today was liberating for me. I guess I had an epiphany of sorts while white water rafting. Ester Hicks metaphor about putting the oars in the boat and just ride with current came to life for me today. Today the command for bringing our paddles in and just riding downstream with the current was “hold”. That meant to bring our paddles in and rest them in our laps and let the current do the work.

Something about that moment it clicked for me. I’m going to “hold” as it relates to Taz (a romantic interest that cut me out of their life recently). I’m putting my paddle across my lap and am going to just let the currents take me to my destination. Not only as it relates to him but life as well. I’m done resisting what is. After my epiphany today, I’m really okay if we never speak again and I know beyond the shadow of the doubt the type of guy I’m looking for is seeking me too.

Seeing how many couples were out doing this event together crystallized in my mind that that’s the kind of relationship I desire more than I desire for Taz to contact me again. If he’s not contacting me to build to a meaningful relationship that includes engaging in regular ongoing shared activities that we both enjoy, then he’s not the guy for me and I don’t want him to contact me again.

I rather be alone and do meet-up groups and social club outings and feel liberated, exhilarated, entertained, and lively….than to feel lonely and unappreciated like a random backup plan option. I had some wild crazy fun today and all my energy going forward will be poured into answering this question day in and day out “How do I want this day to be remembered?” That’s THE most important thing to me in my life from this day forward.

And, the man that wants to get out and about with me and engage in finding answers to this question together is the guy I’m looking for from this day forward. Mainly just wanted to get this out of my head and into written expression more than anything. I finally feel the essence from the affirmation from the link Yess You Can Attract Your Ex Back…..”I finally great because I am no longer bound to the oppressive, self-deceiving illusion of neediness and longing as it pertains to another person’s affections for me. I now know it’s not about that person, but about myself and I am fully and passionately in love with me first and foremost!

I invite you to join me the next 30 days and discover the answer to the question “How do I want this day to be remembered?”  I plan to write my goal in my journal each day and at the end of each day record my reflections about my answer.  This is what I wrote in my journal for today.  As my great aunt once told me when I asked her what was the secret to her youthful appearance….”live well while you can”.  I believe I have found a quality question that will give quality answers that will ensure that I live well while I can.

Your thoughts?

live well 2

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