self trust 2

How often have we heard the quote “It’s never too late to be what we might have been?”  Life is a journey and our journey is awaiting us.  I agree with the author of “Keep Going”,  the journey all of us are making is constant learning.  Dr. Suess said it best “The more that you read, the more things you know.  The more that  you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

The answer to my daily question “How will this day be remembered?” is this day will be remembered by my giving 100% effort to resolve to do!   Resolve to give myself the best possible self-care today.  Resolve to exercise a minimum of an hour.  Resolve to complete six tasks at work today.  Resolve to do more with my balance of time today and infuse it with as much productivity as I possibly can.

Far too often we get up in the morning without resolving to do something to move us a little further along our journey in life.  We have all these loosey goosey goals but no resolution to do the day to day action to achieve them.  It’s time to build self-trust and resolve to do!  There is nothing quite like the satisfaction I feel when I make a list and I resolve to do them all with 100% commitment.

self trust

Just imagine how much we could become if we resolved to do day in and day out.  I wonder how our lives might change if we resolved to do and meditated for a minimum of 15 minutes.  Or resolved to consume three fruits and three vegetables daily.  Or resolved to get out and breathe the fresh air and walk for a minimum of 30 minutes each day and commune with nature.  Or resolved to take a new class, try a new recipe, try a new route to work, try a new exercise, try a new genre to read, try a new event…..essentially intentionally tried something new each day.

Or anything else that moves us in the direction of becoming what we might have been.  It’s never to late to start today.  Nothing like heart break and/or disappointment to disrupt our lives and hurl us into living a distracted life.   However, this quote by Sonya Parker really applies in just about any case….“In order to move on you need to stop focusing on their life, and you need to start focusing on your own life.”

The reason I say that is because most things in life that send us into our heads and living a distracted and/or unconscious life is typically directly and/or indirectly connected to a person.  So I’m practicing the attitude of staying in my own life and focusing on how can I be using my thoughts and life force energy to better my life, make me feel better, and to infuse this journey with more, more, more, more of the good stuff!

I choose to resolve to do and increase my self-trust.  The more we resolve to do the more our self-trust increases and the more we believe we can do.  So, how will this day be remembered for you?  For me, it will be the resolve to do and increasing my self trust.

self trust 3

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