Day 1, Writing 101: Random Code Generator

Lately, I’ve been totally addicted to Candy Crush Saga.  And, when I say addicted you have no idea the magnitude of my addiction.  I love love love this game! ♥♥♥  Well as usual I caught myself observing my behavior and this is what I noticed:  If I got stuck on a level, I would continue to play without losing fervor, determination, and/or confidence until I succeeded.

Instead I would simply click try again and continue to play.  Easy peasy right?  So where does my aha moment fit in with this?  Well, at first I was zooming thru the levels and quickly advancing.  But then I finally reached a level where it wasn’t so easy to win.

As a matter of fact, my attempts at winning started to expand over several days nearing a week’s time.  So, I decided to ask my son, the gaming expert, for an assist and to play the level for me.  In which he gladly did.  And, true to form in a matter of two or three tries he won the level.  I thought nothing of it and continued to play and advance some more levels.

Once again I reached yet another level that was literally kicking my butt.  And, again I continued to simply press play again without any loss in fervor, enthusiasm, and/or determination.  This time I decided I wanted to advance on my own merit so I asked my son what he thought I might try differently rather than asking for a bail out.

And, he says to me “Mom it’s a random code generator and the odds are already calculated so the best thing is to keep playing until it gives you an easier combo to win”.  And naturally I related it to life experiences.  I began to ponder how is that I could play this game again and again and again without making any judgments about myself like I’m the worst Candy Crush player in the whole world, the game doesn’t like me, the game is working against me, winning comes so hard for me, I’m not qualified to win, I can never win at a game like this, etc.

I didn’t get discouraged either.  Nope I knew somehow if I kept on playing eventually I would win.  Then I thought to myself I wonder how much differently my life might look if I adopted the same attitude that all I wanted in life is similar to that game in that it was a random code generator.

And all I need to do is persist until I succeed and to keep playing without losing fervor, confidence, and/or determination.  What if in addition to that that I didn’t make any judgments about any perceived wins or losses but solely focused my energy on persisting until I succeeded?

Well one thing is for sure I wouldn’t miss any shots due to not taking them.  And I’m pretty sure that if I adopted this attitude that 99.9% of the time someway and somehow I would either attract and/or influence the random code generator to eventually yield me a winning hand.

Therefore, I’ve decided to give it a try.  I have decided to approach my life like a Life Crush Saga game and I will continue to play the levels with all the determination, enthusiasm, and confidence I can muster.  Additionally, I will persist in playing the level until I succeed and then will advance to the next level and do it all over again.


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