An Open Letter to Agents of Change

Dear Agents of Change,

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.  I believe we all come into this lifetime with innate gifts.  And, Change Agents, I believe you come into this world to share the gifts of effectiveness, efficiency, expansion, and enlargement.  As human beings we all want change, but we resist change all at the same time.

This particular element makes life extremely challenging for you as a Change Agent.  Why?  Because people mistakenly start to treat you with the same attitude they have towards change.  Have you noticed that?  Just a side note, I know some agents of recognition will mistakenly believe they are agents of change.

Recognition Agents this letter is not for you.  You too want change but your motivation is totally different.  However, I have noticed you tend to be able to quickly spot a Change Agent and that you are proficient in eliciting and hijacking their ideas to pawn them off as your own.

You also don’t love change for the gifts it brings like effectiveness, efficiency, and enlargement. And, view them as its own reward. You see change as a means to an end so that you can be recognized and glorified to assuage your deeply rooted insecurities.

Additionally, Recognition Agents you don’t have a passion for learning and growing as a person so that you yourself can become more efficient, effective, enlarge, and expand.  Change Agents have the same insatiable driving passion to change themselves as they do all that comes within their reach.

But back to the Change Agents.  I’m writing this letter to you because it’s so easy for you to beat up on yourself and begin to believe things about yourself that certainly aren’t true.   For instance, you will begin to believe you’re a troublemaker in a negative way.  This is not all your fault because people will directly or indirectly communicate to you that you’re a troublemaker.

And, in a way you are.  Why?  Because the change you’re presenting and wanting to implement will more than likely cause the other person to have to stretch who they are as a person and move beyond their comfort zone.  So essentially you’re going to be making trouble for them.  Therefore, when you’re receiving these messages directly/indirectly just know it’s the Universes way of saying change has been activated.

I call this the resistance part of the cycle of change.  And, depending on how much the change you’re proposing causes the person to stretch it may even escalate to outright rejection.  Because it’s too much too soon and they are unwilling to make the leap.  It’s okay at this point don’t make the mistake of playing the “woe is me…I can’t get along with anybody” tape.

It’s simply not true.  At times like these you have to remind yourself it’s not you and to not take it personally.  To remind yourself that they are not resisting and/or rejecting you but the change you’re requesting of them.   As you become more experienced, you will grow in compassion because compassion is needed during this stage to help them transition more easily.  Often times it’s during this part of the cycle the change you’re requesting is more than likely pressing in an area of deep insecurity of the other person.

Therefore, when you encounter resistance and/or rejection, remember it’s not about you but the change request you represent.  I saw a quote that I think is a good mantra for agents of change when drama ensues as result of the change process and that is “Not my circus, not my monkey”.  Detach yourself emotionally from whatever negative behavior you may encounter and stay focused on the objective.  And, gently redirect them to the path of change.

Likewise, on the other side of resistance/rejection is rave.  Sometimes, the rave cycle comes immediately and sometimes it’s years before you receive the rave.  Have you noticed that the ones who resist and reject you the most are the ones who rave the most and the loudest?

Just like during resistance/rejection it’s not about you so don’t get caught up and become proud, haughty, and/or arrogant during the rave phase.  You were just an agent of change, they did all the work.  Therefore, you don’t take it personally and immediately reflect all the rave back to them.

This will prevent you from having needless cycles of emotional highs and lows.  Stay humble during the rave  phase.  Likewise, stay calm, centered, and collected during the resistance/rejection cycle.  When you do this, you can keep your channels clear so that the Universe can whisper to you all the high level ideas you need to create the blueprint for change.

Finally, there is this feeling of being used.  This too is another hazard of the call of duty.  Once you have successfully demonstrated how well you can help others transition, they tend to come back on their own volition when they are in need of a Change Agent because life has presented them with a challenge that has them in a pickle.

Again, this is not to be internalized and/or taking personally, it’s just human nature to be somewhat self-centered especially when we are trying to get our needs met.  At times like these, love and gratitude are  needed.  Love them for who they are and thank the Universe for another opportunity to divinely express yourself and to remember that the real reward is in the resultant efficiency, effectiveness, enlargement, and/or expansion.

Therefore, thank the individual for entrusting themselves to you and your wealth of knowledge.  The gifts back to the Change Agent, are growth in wisdom, personal efficiency, effectiveness, enlargement, and expansion.  Because each time you help others you help yourself in return.  Thank them for the opportunity to serve and the gifts they bring to you in return.

Hopefully, this letter will help a Change Agent today.  Thank you for the gifts you bring to this world.  I know it’s a lonely world but the world loves you and without Change Agents across the world, we more than likely would become stuck and stagnate.

Change Agents you know who you are … from me to you I’m sending out love, appreciation, and a BIG THANK YOU!

With warmest regards,

Angelyn ♥♥♥

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