What You’ve Always Gotten

do what you've always done

Life yields us the opportunity each day to grow,expand, and have more. Yet most of us approach each day the same way…..wash, rinse, repeat. And, then lament about the conditions of our lives.

If you want something different, then you have to DO something different. It really boils down to two choices ACT or ACCEPT. If you want something different then ACT. Go experiment with your life by exercising new thoughts, feelings, and choices.

What can you do different today than you did yesterday? What new thought could you explore? Hobby? Opportunity? Idea? Person? Place? Thing? Interaction? I challenge you to stretch yourself today and all of this week and live outside your comfort zone.

I find the most happiest people are the ones who make it a habit to delimit the limits on their lives. And, are on constantly seeking opportunities to expand, grow, and learn.

Life begins outside our comfort zones…What one thing will you do different today, tomorrow, this week?

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