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Marshall Sylver said it best when he said “Nothing has power except the power you give it.”  Another quote says it this way “The only thing that makes it a part of your life is that you keep thinking about it.”

Robert Frost conveyed it a different way by stating “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” And, Horace said it brilliantly, “Rule your mind or your mind will rule you.”  Norman Vincent Peale take on it was “Take possession of your mind.”

And that leads me to my point we need to take possession of our minds and fill it with piles of positivity so that there’s no vacancy for bullshit.  I’ve notice that when I have made it my dominant intention to feel good and take possession of my mind and direct it to refocus on what it is that I want, my emotional and mental landscape is not negatively affected by the  invitations others bring to my doorstep to join them in a fight they are having internally with themselves.

Why? Because my mind is filled all things positive for Angelyn and others and I simply have no vacancy for BS anymore.  Likewise the less I create bullshit in my own mind  by replaying and/or revisiting undesirable people, situations, and/or events from the past.

For thoughts that have us dwelling on things we do not want we need to immediately put up our “No Vacancy” sign and turn those thoughts away and not allow them to be a part of our life.  Conversely, we need to keep making it a part of our life the things we deeply desire by keep thinking about them from the assumption that our wish has been fulfilled.

We can only hold one thought at a time.  Therefore we need to decide continuously throughout the day which thoughts we will choose.  The ones that are representative and in alignment with who we want to become and what we desire or it’s opposite.

One will cost us what we want and the other is an investment in what we want.  With each thought, it is either costing us or we are investing.  So the next time you decide  to entertain stinking thinking ask yourself at what cost am I willing to continue down this path of thinking?  Is it worth it?  I’m sure the answer is no so put up your no vacancy sign and just say NO VACANCY! to stinking thinking.

2 thoughts on “NO VACANCY

  1. I have been really working on clearing my head of this ‘stinking thinking’. It is such a blessing to be able to replace negative thoughts with encouraging ones!

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