Why Are You Planning to Fail?!?



In about eight days 2014 will be ushered out and 2015 will be welcomed in with a standing ovation. Year after year after year the lament I constantly hear and have participated in is “I will be glad when this year is over…. next year will be my year.”

I’ve said it too. But will it be? If we do what we’ve always done we will continue to get what we’ve always gotten. What will you do differently in 2015 to make it better than 2014? My grandfather used to say “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there.” So have you decided?

Have you created a well written goal for 2015 in the seven major areas in your life? Do you know what you want to accomplish in the following areas?
– Your Finances and Wealth
– Your Career
– Your Leisure Time
– Your Health and Appearance
– Your Relationships
– Your Personal Development
– Your Community

Start the year 2015 off by listing at least 3 goals you would like to accomplish in each area. And, then break them down into monthly goals followed by weekly goals. And, each week break it down into daily goals.

Then don’t make and/or accept any excuses for not achieving your goals. Not from yourself or from anyone else. As John F Kennedy said “Things do not happen – things are made to happen.”

And in order to make things happen we must do the following:
1. Decide what we want
2. Create a SMART goal
3. Cultivate a doable action plan
4. Pay attention to our choices
5. Monitor our results
6. Give up blaming
7. Give up complaining
8. Abandon worrying
9. Make an effort each and every day
10. Constantly ask ourselves “How can I use what I have to get what I want?”

I encourage you to not have yet another insanity year where you do the same things expecting different results. Just because the calendar has changed to a new year doesn’t automatically mean new changes come into our lives.

Make the commitment today to DO something different in 2015 to make it YOUR year. Share this with your friends ….you may just inspire them to live their best year yet!

Need help? Email myengerynmotion@gmail.com to book an appointment to help you get unstuck and live with more eNergy in 2015. Don’t delay ..email today and discover how to thrive and feel good in 2015!

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