What Limitations Have You Been Arguing For?

argue for your limitations

At first glance, I’m sure the knee jerk reaction is I don’t argue for my limitations.  Is that really true?  Are you sure?  Far too often this type of argument is like the bottom half of the iceberg and so deeply buried within our subconscious and on autopilot so much that we don’t even recognize we are doing it.

One surefire symptom that you’re arguing for your limitation is when we fail to take action aka make an effort.  Lack of action towards something we desire is a telltale sign that yep we are arguing for our limitations.  And, the classic excuse we use is “I Can’t……”.  I read in a book once that I Can’t equates to I Certainly Am Not Trying.

But what does trying look like? How do I try to do something?  How do you try to take a shower?  How do you try to walk? I agree with Yoda there is no try…there is do or don’t do.  And, if we argue for our limitations, sure enough they’re ours.  We need to adopt Denis Waitley’s philosophy…”Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop yourself.”

So what’s the key to stop arguing for our limitations?  EFFORT!  Sophocles says “Success is dependent on effort.”  And, to that I would like to add consistent effort NOT just effort every once in awhile.  Consistency is key. It’s making the commitment day in and day out to make the effort towards the desired outcome.


What does this look like you might ask….my answer it depends.  If it’s financial wealth, effort might look like reading any and everything you can on wealth building, looking for and attending training on wealth, going to test drive cars, going to look at houses, booking an  appointment with a travel agent, reaching out to people who have been successful in the area of money and/or starting a business, reading biographies of others who have achieved wealth, etc.  I think you’re starting to get the picture.

Basically, you want to consult the 5 W’s to cultivate a plan for your effort, Who has achieved something similar, Where is information to increase my skills and/or knowledge, What steps/actions are needed to achieve my desired outcome and What is the best way to keep my desired outcome as my priority, When should I take action  (meaning daily, weekly, monthly etc), How can I use what I have to get what I want?


This will help you to reduce everything down to daily effort.  And, then just focus on daily effort.  One thing I have learned from my own experience and from watching others…consistent effort will yield results.  Sometimes trying to focus solely on the end game can cause our circuits to overload.  Therefore, we have to make a commitment to making and effort daily.  Instead of saying I will lose xyz pounds or abc money and stopping there.  Write that goal down and put it on your mirror.

And then focus all your energy on “I will make an effort daily by doing the following:…..”  What does that look like?  When I was in direct sales and my goal was to double bonus each month which equated to $3,600 in sales, I would write that goal down but I also cultivated a plan of effort.  In other words I knew on average 3 out of 10 people whom I offered a chance to book a show would.

So I made a commitment to making the effort of calling the number of people needed to give me the right amount of bookings.  I also knew on average how many shows would possibly result in a cancellation and I factored that into my daily effort plan too.  Want to know what happened?  Each month I focused on the effort (the calls needed) the results followed (I double bonused).

Don’t believe me?  Try it …stop arguing for your limitations and develop a plan of effort and then commit to follow through.  Do this for at least 30 days and then come back and share what results followed your efforts.  I double dare you to stop arguing for your limitations in 2015 and make every day count by making an effort.


Need help creating your daily effort plan?  Email me at myenergynmotion@gmail.com to schedule your complimentary 30 minute session and I can help you cultivate the plan needed to stop arguing for your limitations today!

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