What’s in Your Mental Diet?

correct your mind

Neville Goddard’s take on it is “What you feed upon you become.”  I’m sure we have all heard the old adage “You are what you eat.”  We fundamentally understand this when it comes to our bodies, but what about our minds?  Far too often millions of us feed our mind on autopilot.  Essentially grabbing any and everything and shoving it down the throats of our mind.

Never mind the fact that our bodies are screaming bloody murder with all types of dis-eases like high blood pressure, anemia, obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism, arthritis, cancer etc.  They are all a call for help “Please please please change your mental diet!”

And our bodies are not only screaming at us but our emotions are railing too! Depression, sadness, worry, anxiousness, pessimism, boredom (yes boredom!), discontent, anger, annoyance, irritation, impatience, discouragement, doubt, blame, etc. are all by-products of a fast food mental diet.

What do I mean by fast food mental diet?  It is a mental diet where we assume the cause of our reality is something outside of ourselves and we allow external stimulants to DICTATE to us how we will choose to think and believe.  Instead of PURPOSELY and INTENTIONALLY feeding our mind with only thoughts and beliefs that moves us toward our intended aims in life.

“Not me!” you say and I say is that right?  Look at your body and emotions.  Is your body healthy?  If not, then it’s time to change your mental diet.  Look at your emotional health?  Do you feel the following emotions the MAJORITY of the time?  Love, joy, faith, appreciation, freedom, empowerment,  optimism, hope, love, passion, enthusiasm, etc?  If not then it’s time to change your mental diet.

The best way to change it is to decide what you want and then feed your mind with positive statements and repeat them over and over again throughout the day each day and especially before you go to bed at night and then sleep from the feeling as if it were true.

Want to be married?  Then stop feeding yourself “There aren’t any good men/women” or “It’s hard to find a good man/good woman” fast food diet.  And feed yourself a healthy positive mental diet of “I’m blissfully and happily married!”

Want more money?  Then stop feeding yourself “I need more money.” or “My job doesn’t pay me enough” fast food diet.  And, feed yourself a healthy positive mental diet of “I’m enthusiastically enjoying a lucrative income of ______!” or “I’m enthusiastically enjoying ________ of unexpected income!”

Want healing in your body?  Stop with “I am a diabetic” or “I can’t lose weight for nothing” or “I’m fat”,  And start with “I am perfectly healthy and normal.”

We have the power to kill or make alive with our mental diets.  We can wound or heal with our mental diets.  Words are powerful so feed your mind with deliberate intention so that it can do what it does that we understand not to bring about the miracles, transformations, and desired aims in your life.

Life and death are indeed in the power of the tongue.  Choose wisely.  Need help changing your mental diet?  Post your desired aim and I will reply with a new positive statement to feed your mind to help you achieve your intended aim.  Stop believing the world is the cause of your outcomes and start feeding your imagination morning, noon, and night a good healthy mental diet.

As Neville Goodard said, “We reproduce what we feed upon.  Feed upon a changed mental diet.  Take a new diet and persist in it and life will reflect that changed diet.  Don’t believe me?!?  Try it for 10 days…prove me wrong.

Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself in 24 hours.  And, make it your highest priority to fast on your new mental diet and repeat it morning, noon, and night and go to sleep as though it were true for 10 days straight.  Then come back and let me know what happened.


2 thoughts on “What’s in Your Mental Diet?

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you! “I am in a blissfully happy relationship which I enjoy fully because I am in perfect and abundant health and peace” 🙂 Lots of love and joy to you – I am grateful for you.


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