What Consumes Your Mind?

what consumesI am readily becoming a HUGE fan of Mateusz videos.  They are so powerful and motivational.  I was about to abandon a long held vision because I was allowing my current circumstances to consume my mind rather than allowing my vision to consume my mind.

Therefore, I decided today to recommit to my vision.  After watching  Mateusz’s Vision video (see link below), I’m even more determined to drown out the noise and go for the gusto over the next seven days.  I have committed to blocking out the world and fasting solely on my vision that I have for my life.

I will allow my vision to consume my mind and it in turn will control my life this week.  I have the courage to dive into it with both feet and wholeheartedly align myself to using my imagination none stop for the next seven days and see myself becoming the person I want to be.

How do I plan to do this?  In the following way……

  1. Block out the noise.  I’m going into 100% solitude as much as I can…. meaning I will not entertain the venting, complaining, negativity, and/or whining from others or myself.  I have no shoulder for others to lean on this week and I will not lean on the shoulders of others.
  2. Change my mental diet. I will rid my life of distractions (Facebook, online forums, idle conversations, TV, etc) and will either invest my time in taking action to move me towards my vision and/or feed my mind with positive resources so that it is resilient and focused on my end goal.
  3. Harness my self talk.  Self talk equals reality. I will affirm over and over again what it is I see myself becoming and my self talk and outer conversation will 100% align with my vision.  I will speak only in terms of my vision being actualized.
  4. Act as if. I will spend time each day as an actor would rehearsing for his/her upcoming role and make it an Oscar worthy performance.  Not only will I spend the time acting as if, I will also research my role and make sure that I obtain all the information I need to fully embody my role in my vision.
  5. Meditate. I will invest a minimum of 15 minutes at least once daily meditating to quiet my conscious mind so that I can hear my inner voice of wisdom.  And to use this powerful alpha state to visualize and imagine my vision.

This Vision video by Mateusz really has helped me to jump-start my seven day mental fast to eat, sleep, dream, and breathe my vision.  It is my sincerest hope that it will do the same for you too!

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