5 Surefire Ways to Feel Good!

Do you wish to feel alive filled with power? And have the ability to bring the full might of your conscious mind to your present experience?  To be in charge of how you feel?  To feel good no matter what and to have full confidence that every day will only get better and better?  Do you want knee jerk emotional reactions to be a thing of the past and have full confidence that you have what it takes to feel good no matter what?

There is nothing as liberating as mastering the art of feeling good.  To have full confidence that you can live an unconditional life of loving and feeling good regardless of what you encounter in your day-to-day life.  Sounds to good to be true?  Well it’s really much easier than we think.  Here are five surefire ways to feel good:

Snoopy trusting who I am


It becomes quite the challenge sifting and sorting through our collective life experience to know who we are.  But, we have to drown out the noise to hear our inner voice.  Knowing who I am is first and foremost recognizing and acknowledging I am a vibrational being.

Who I am is invincible, energy, ethereal, immortal, all-encompassing, unconditional, infinite, intangible, and invisible.  It means knowing and discerning that I am not my body, not my emotions, and certainly not my behavior.  And refusing to allow any of these factors to define who I am.  It also means being aware who I am is not static but is always in flux, changing, transforming, expanding, and/or growing.

To know who I am requires daily practice of observation.  What do I mean by that? It means paying attention to how I feel.  How I feel is a reliable feedback mechanism to let me know if I’m aligned with who I am or if I’m betraying myself and/or being an impostor.

When I feel good feelings such as love, joy, appreciation, freedom, and empowerment, then I know I am in the zone and at the height of being who I am. If I consistently observe and collect data when I hit these sweet spots. then this how I learn and discern to know who I am.  Trust me whenever you’re feeling some type of way that’s the real you saying hey buddy cut the crap and get back to who you are.



As my wise grandfather use to say “Accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives.”  In this game of life we have to practice appreciating all of who we are…the good, the bad, and the ugly and recognizing all of it is us.  And all of it serves us for our greater good.

Appreciating who we are means to lighten up and know that our behaviors don’t define us.  It means knowing we get to choose and create who we are each and every day.  It means saying wow I like what I created today let’s see if I can create something even better tomorrow.

It means to focus on what’s working and looking for the seed of benefit in everything that happens to/for us and being appreciative for the sum total of our experiences.   It means being rooted and grounded in valuing ourselves and knowing what we are worth with conviction in the depths of our being.

It means constantly taking inventory and pausing to say thank you for what we like and love about ourselves.  It also means saying thanks to your mind and body for all that they do to support and co-create the things you want to be, do, and have out of life.

Practice giving thanks and being appreciative because you are fit and wonderfully made.

trust who you are


One of the best ways to start trusting who I am is to get on the inside and do what I am inspired to do.  To respect and honor my personal preferences.  It means resisting the urge to guide my life in any way by what others are doing and what they think about me.

It means what the quote says above by Clive Barker….to just trust in my own madness.  After all, most  people deem it to be foolish behavior to follow one’s own guidance when the population wants you to follow something else.   However, in order for us to know what our preferences are we have to become quiet and practice introspection and not the kind that is through the opinions of others.

Additionally, we have to care how we feel.  Ideas flow to us easily and effortlessly when we are feeling good and we’re more connected to our hearts and not our heads.  And we become more sure of who we are which is where all of the best decisions manifest themselves.  When we feel good in our own skin, we are more apt to be in tune with who we are and what is best for us.

When we practice making it a priority to feel good and caring about how we feel, it’s natural to trust ourselves and who we believe ourselves to be.  And the more we trust ourselves, the more we can spread our wings, take more chances, and act more daringly with inspiration.

loving yourself for everything that you ae


Ha ha ha…this is the one that is tricky because most people will readily say but I do love who I am.  However, in my experience this is one of those topics that is tricky to navigate because I contend if we love ourselves then why do we not value, empower, love, and accept all of our beingness?   Why do we care more about others opinions of us than how we feel?

What do I mean by that?  Take inventory in your day-to-day life and see how many times your inner critic will turn down your ideas because of some latent fear of what others might think or getting angry because of what someone else said or did.  If we love ourselves, we would be intentional not to allow conditions presented by others to leave us feeling some type of way.

We would do our best to make ourselves feel good, treat ourselves the best, speak to ourselves in the best manner possible, and take advantage of any and all opportunities that helps us to grow and expand.  We would embrace it all and love all of who we are unconditionally.

So loving who I am means I accept myself…all of me.  I seek to understand myself.  I forgive myself and treat myself with compassion and a tender heart. I give myself loving attention with a good diet, intentionally feeding my mind with nourishing positive thoughts, and move my body everyday at the minimum to demonstrate I love, respect, and care for me.

I would give myself the best at every turn because I love who I am and who I am deserve the very best that life has to offer from all facets.   And most of all it would be my dominant intention to make sure I feel good. The number one way to do that is to not allow what we observe negatively impact how we value ourselves or see ourselves.

express yourself


At the end of the day, I believe we all are screaming on the insides to the world at large “JUST LET ME BE THE REAL ME!”  I say just do it.  Get up, get out, and get busy and express yourself by being fully who you are in each moment as much as you can and as often as you can.

Experiment with your life and follow through with the inspired ideas that flow to you.  The things that your soul cries out for you to go do so that you feel as if you have expressed your divined essence.  You know what they are intuitively.  They stir the passion, creativity, joy, and love within you whenever you engage in them.

Give yourself permission to bold be who you are without reservation and/or apologies.  Express who you know yourself to be!!!

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