pretty woman

1. Have your own life (goals and friends)
Vivian knew where she wanted to go in life and had a plan to get there. She wanted to go to college so that she could earn enough money to live the lifestyle she wanted.

2. Have the courage to be yourself
Vivian had the courage to be herself and although she was in a profession that most people would automatically consider her to be less than. She didn’t confuse her life circumstances with who she was. And, although she felt insecure at times, she still demanded respect.

3. Keep your self on the pedestal
Although Vivian knew she was falling for Edward, she still kept herself on the pedestal. And thought and acted like the prize. She wooed him but didn’t lose herself in the process. And, was more than willing to walk away and not settle when he was unwilling to give her the relationship she thought she deserved or treated her in a manner she deemed disrespectful.

4. Understand the power of suggestion
Vivian understood the power of suggestion. And, she used it as often as she could not only with her words but with her actions. She told Edward that he was going to love her so much he wasn’t going to want to let her go. She demonstrated with her actions why she would be an asset to his life by her courage to challenge his thinking and get in touch with what he really wanted.

5. Make a mental and emotional connection
Vivian took an interest in knowing the real Edward not the powerful, successful Edward. She demonstrated this by probing his mind to know what his preferences was, what his true dreams were and then built and emotional connection by showing him compassion and encouragement to follow his heart’s dreams. She didn’t view him as her trophy, validation, or means to an end like many of the women before him.

6. Be flexible
Vivian was flexible and willing to integrate into his world where it was needed but didn’t allow flexibility to diminish into being a doormat. Although she wanted to please him, her choices were based on what she wanted and was willing to do not out of fear of losing him.

7. Infuse your relationship with fun and relaxation
Vivian knew when to make the relationship fun for her man and when to make it relaxing. She positioned herself to be his safe haven. He knew when he came home from work and having to be on all day that he could come back to the hotel and relax or have fun with Vivian.

8. Master the Art of Seduction
Vivian knew how to turn up the seduction and keep the sexual part of their relationship fresh and exciting with overtures of romance.

9. Engage in Effective Communication
Vivian often times presented the problem and let Edward solve them. When the retail shop in town wouldn’t take her money, she didn’t berate him, blame him, or take it out on him. Instead she was vulnerable and let him see her hurt and frustration. And, he dove right in to protect her and solve the problem. She also knew how to make him think certain things was his idea.

10. Embody Self Confidence
Last but not least Vivian had self confidence. From the very first moment, when Edward asked for directions….Vivian exhibited her je ne sais quoi. She knew what made her a catch and she reminded him subtlety through banter and play. She understood her worth and made sure he understood it too. She ensured he knew she was unique in addition to having brains, body, and beauty.

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