5 Kick-Ass Ways to Have an Auspicious August!


It’s hard to believe we only have 152 days left in the year 2015.  Are you on track to having all that you envisioned for this year?  Whether you are or not, these five kick-ass ways will surely create an auspicious August for you.

It’s an easy way to power up your August and will take 30 minutes or less  in the morning to do.  And will yield an abundance in your life that will leave you nothing less than speechless.  You will experience a boost in morale, positive feelings, and focus.  Don’t believe me?  Commit to doing the following starting today and do it each day without fail until the end of August.

What are the five kick-ass ways?  Glad you asked…..without any further ado here they are:


How?  You might ask.  I’m glad you asked.  You will be amazed how much better you feel when you write down in the morning three or more ways throughout the day that you intend to make yourself feel good.  The best gift we can give to the world is to make ourselves feel good because when we feel good it’s contagious and it makes others feel good too. Here is an example of what I mean…..

I will do the following to make me feel good:

  1. Listen to upbeat music for an hour
  2. Send appreciation text to five friends
  3. Speak to five strangers as if they were longtime friends
  4. Move my body for at least 30 minutes
  5. Meditate for at least 15 minutes


It is amazing how productive your day becomes when you set a dominant intention for the day.  The way this one works is you write down at most five actions you will take during the day.  And you will write these down at the start of your morning. Here is an example of what I mean……

It is my dominant intention to do the following:

  1. Do more than what is required of me at work today
  2. Set my timer and declutter my home for 15 minutes
  3. Set my timer and devote 30 minutes to writing my book
  4. Listen to motivational/inspirational audios on youtube while getting dressed
  5. Be a do it now person to do things when they need to be done


Love this one!  This is the time to get totally outrageous and write down all the what ifs but from a positive perspective.  Not the negative way we’re accustom to doing.  What do I mean?  Let me share an example….

  • What if I won $50,000 playing the lottery?
  • What if money flowed to me easily and effortlessly?
  • What if my book became a best seller and I sold over 25,000 first day of release?
  • What if ideas flowed to me easily and effortlessly to grow my business?
  • What if I found a really cool, fun, easy work out that I enjoyed doing and wanted to do all the time?
  • What if I won a free all-expense paid vacation to Los Cabos?
  • What if one of my blogs went viral?
  • What if I had my own internet radio talk show?
  • What if my earnings from my business doubled?
  • What if they tripled?
  • What if I learned to feel good no matter what?

I think you get the picture.  Let your mind roam free with no restrictions.  This list isn’t about what you think you can have but exploring all that you could have if you possessed a magic wand/genie to grant you all your wishes.  Have fun and let your imagination play!


I know we hear this one all the time.  But believe you me it really works especially when you take the time to write it down.  Each day list at least 10 things you’re grateful for and watch how life will multiply things to make you even more grateful.

Try to list 10 new things each day but it’s okay if you repeat.  Also remember to add the reason why.  I love the template that Rhonda Byrne has in her book “The Magic”. She recommends that you write nine things you are grateful for using the template “I am truly blessed to have________ because __________.”  and then for the tenth one use this format “With all my heart, thank you for __________ because ______________.”

Remember to give thanks for health, body parts, family, friends, nature, basically any and everything is fair game to give thanks.  If you really want to milk this one for all it’s worth, recite it aloud each day after writing your list.


I love love love this one.  This is your chance to write your story based on what you want.  For this one I like to pretend I’m writing a journal entry in my diary.  To get the most out of this one…be sure to keep it in positive present tense as if it really happened or is happening.

I typically like to use the writing prompt…”If I Had It My Way….”.  And then I write my story for my life as if it really is happening.  The more you involve feeling words to evoke the feelings the better.  Using phrase like I remember when are powerful for igniting your imagination.

For instance, “I feel amazing and excited.  I just reached the mark of 1,000 listeners for my internet radio talk show.  I remember when it was just a fleeting idea with no clue how to get an internet talk show up and running.  It’s hard to believe it’s only been one month and I have an audience of a thousand listeners.  I’m totally stoked and the income I am generating from my advertisers is totally unreal.  I never knew I could have this much fun doing what I love!  I’m loving life and life is loving me right back!”

You see?  You will be amazed how your life will take off into a new direction when you jump start your day with these kick-ass activities. No time to do them all?  Then at least do number 1 and 4.  But I have no doubt that you will do all five and watch your abundance flow to you and you have an auspicious August!

Are you gain?  Click like so I know you’re in it to win it and plan to invest 30 minutes each day this month to make your dreams happen for you!  Also, google docs is a quick and easy way to maintain each of your five lists each day.  Cheers! ♥

2 thoughts on “5 Kick-Ass Ways to Have an Auspicious August!

  1. Thank you for posting this inspirational reminder. Motivated me and reminded me to try harder vs giving up on myself. Best to you and an amazing August!


    1. Thank you for your feedback! I greatly appreciate it. Glad you feel inspired to make it an AUSPICIOUS August……you got this! Everything has prepared you for this moment to seize all that your heart deeply desires. ❤


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