Where There Is a Will…….


I’m sure you can immediately complete this title with “there is a way”.  I have recited this saying time and time again without realizing just how imperative it is to have a well-defined will to manifest the things I desire into my life.  Unfortunately, I misinterpreted ‘a will’ to mean some type of force to make things happen.

However, that’s not quite true as a matter of fact trying to use the will in this manner only causes us to create situations that lack vitality and typically disappear as soon as the will relaxes.  The will is the power-control in your mind which holds your thoughts to keep the imagination centered in the right direction until the desired results are achieved.

While it is imperative to strengthen the will to acquire energy, as well as ambition by exercising it, any tendency to strain will be detrimental and must be avoided. Genevieve Behrend describes it bests when she said “a calm, peaceful determination to retain a certain mental attitude in spite of all temptations to the contrary known that by doing so the desired result will surely appear.”

She goes on to say the best way to strengthen the will is to practice exercises solely for the sake of strengthening the will, always remembering, while doing them, that your effort is for self-training and self-control, with the ultimate goal to realize yourself as a part of the great Universal whole.

If there is any ulterior motive, your will training will be compromised and deriving the greatest power from it will be lost.  There should be only one objective in mind with reference to your exercises and that is the development and strengthening of your will.

Genevieve Behrend recommends the following exercise as an ultimate way to strengthen your will and she recommends to be determined to do it with a happy frame of mind.   And, to do it for seven consecutive days without fail.  If you miss a day, start again until you have completed it for seven days consecutively.  And to do it for 10 consecutive minutes each day during a time of day that interruption is highly unlikely.  Here are the guidelines:

Time-frame:  7 consecutive days for 10 consecutive minutes per day.

Materials: A notebook and pencil.  And, 50 matches, beads, buttons, bits of paper, safety pins, paper clips, or any other small object. Plus a container that can hold them.

Procedure: Each day take the 50 small objects and drop them slowly and deliberately into a box one by one, with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction, declaring with each one “I will to will.”  Only method by which you can study the development of your will is by self-analysis and introspection, so when you have finished your practice record your answers to the questions outlined below in your notebook.

Note: You can vary up the exercise by holding the conscious attitude of joyously willing to will, powerfully willing to will, peacefully, contentedly, etc.


  • What did I think about while I was doing it?
  • Did I really believe it would really cultivate my will or did I do it just because I was told to?
  • Did I actually concentrate on dropping the small objects into the container, or was I more concerned with their arrangement or was I distracted with other thoughts good or bad?
  • Was I watching the time impatiently, or was I consciously engaging in thoughts of satisfaction and contentment?
  • Did I have a sense of strain, or did it brace me up?
  • Do I believe that it will really train my will if I faithfully follow it up long enough to prove it?

The one and most important thought is that you are training your will for the particular advantage of having a well trained will and this is why you should cultivate the feeling of contentment.  Only will can develop will.  So start with the will you have and strengthen it by practicing this exercise.

By strengthening the will, you will eliminate over-action of the will which manifest as impulsiveness, impetuousness, etc and under-action of the will which manifest as lethargy, sluggishness, etc.   Our environment is the product of our habitual tendency of thought.  Although we know our thoughts should be kept on our business, a weak will lacks the sustaining power necessary to keep the imagination centered in the right direction.

I invite you to power up!  Join me in doing this simple exercise for the next seven consecutive days will to will.

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