Do You Have the Mindset to Get It, Get It??

If not you, who?  Why not you?  If not now, when?  Everyone wants the best this life can deliver.   Each of us possess an insatiable desire to become what we want to be.  Why is it that some of us move through life seemingly acquiring all that they desire easily and effortlessly while others seem to struggle, struggle, struggle without acquiring the things they deeply desire?

I submit the difference lies in what is in their mindsets.  Do you have the mindset to get it, get it? Do you have mindset to get the health that you desire?  The wealth?  The fulfillment?  The love? The companionship? The tangible assets?  The intangible assets? Do you have the mindset to become who you want to be?

If your life is plague with inaction, then it suggests to me probably not.  We cannot breed confidence and courage thru inaction.  However, if you’re taking action daily towards getting what you want in all areas of your life, then your answer is probably yes!  Because it is action that breeds confidence and courage.  Inaction only breed doubts and fear.

So the first step in cultivating the mindset to get it, get it is to examine what fixed attitude you are holding that is preventing you from taking action.  In other words, you have to catch yourself in the act and see what fixed belief is stopping you dead in your tracks.

Next, you identify who is achieving the results that you desire and identify what mindset they possess that fuels their actions towards achievement.  In other words how do they do what they do to get it, get it?  Study them. Emulate them if you need to do so in order to shift yourself into action.

Now that you have examined your fixed attitude, identified the mindset needed to reprogram it, it’s time to take MASSIVE action.  Why? you might ask.  Because an act becomes easy through constant repetition and a pleasure to perform.  Once it becomes a pleasure to perform it is our nature to perform it often.

Naturally when we perform it often it becomes a habit and bingo!  We finally reach the stage where it becomes an automatic response as a result of our mindset.  And we for all intents and purposes are slaves to our mindsets.  So why not cultivate the mindset to get it, get it??

What’s in your mindset?  How does it need to change?  What massive action do you need to take? Go do it and wash, rinse, and repeat daily until you get it!

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