♥♥ What Are Your Love Lessons? ♥♥


This quote caught my attention because of something that has been on my mind all morning…….

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.
~ Norman Vincent Peale

We often hear the connection between our thoughts and how they influence our behavior. We also hear about how we won’t receive what we want until we are ready.

I was listening to TD Jakes while getting dressed the other morning and he talked about the attitude of being blessed. He mentioned several examples but the one that stuck with me was the one about “you may be pretty enough to be the wife but you don’t have the attitude to be the wife.”

Many times when attitude is used in this manner it may implicate a bad disposition. For me it raised the question of expectancy. Les Brown says that wants show up in conversations and expectations show up in behavior.

So when I reflect on my past relationship with Mr. Man….I must admit that I didn’t expect him to commit to me so I just wonder how did it show forth in my behavior and attitude and more importantly in my choices.

People do things in a certain way in order to achieve success. For people who experience successful relationships….they do relationships in a certain way. And I believe first and foremost they believe in themselves and their ability to have a successful relationship.

Not only that I believe that their values are aligned with and support a blueprint of relationship success. Starting with their first and foremost relationship….the one with themselves. If it’s true so within, so without, what are relationships reflecting back to us concerning our primary relationship?

What is it saying that we need to address and adjust in order to believe in ourselves and to cultivate the attitude that we can have a ridiculously amazing relationship?

I think the lesson for me was to stop being too available and too nice. In other words, I need to start being more consciously available to myself. What do I mean? I mean that I need to live in the NOW and enjoy NOW to the fullest and make it my main time reference of living. And stop using and creating life drama and using it as an excuse to not live my life to fullest in THIS moment.

It means to stop being too nice and put all that energy into ME and what makes me feel good instead of excessively into others. It means investing time researching and discovering who I am…what makes me tick…what my passions are…what the song is within me.

And most importantly what does it mean for me to FULLY express myself and know that I have lived life to the fullest and lived well while I can. Thinking on these things and becoming who I want to be are the lessons learned for me. And when I take good care of me ….the world will reflect it back and take good care of me too!  Especially in my romantic relationships.

What are some of your love lessons?

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