Restroom Edifications

I don’t know about you but I do my best thinking in the restroom/bathroom.  It is a constant source of Aha! moments for me.  And, most often just like the quote above says… is preceded by the huh experience.  Today proved to be no different when I had one of my infamous restroom edifications.

I won’t go into details but the huh experience was work related that led me to feeling some type of way and lamenting about “why oh why has God forsaken me” type of moaning, groaning, and complaining.  My complete perspective was rooted in why me?  Why am I not getting what I want?  Why am I being punished like this?  Whoa is me…all the way to the entire world is against me.

I’m sure you probably can relate to when our mind press play on this type of thinking.  I call it getting on the hamster wheel because it’s like the thoughts go round and around and gains momentum and intensity with each round.  I experienced a host of negative emotions from feeling hurt, betrayed, suspicious, angry, exasperated all the way over to despair.

Yep the emotions of the ugly nasty kind which leave you feeling like you can’t even stand yourself.  However, an interesting thing happened when I went to the restroom at one point during the day because I started to contemplate how in life we have  mapped out our plan about how we think things should go in order for us to have what we want.

And when life throws a curve ball of “appearances” that indicate otherwise, it’s amazing how quickly we doubt we can have what we want unless “appearances” align with how we out-pictured things working out for us.  Then we tend to go to the automatic negative. We start to predict that things will not work out and mistakenly believe there are no other choices that can yield to us what we want unless our envision plans come to past.

Ya know what I mean?  That was totally me today but in the restroom I found myself asking this question “God, how will you give me what I want from this?”  And in that moment I genuinely realized that the Universe/God has infinite resources and infinite ways to orchestrate on my behalf.

Additionally, if I believe that all things are working together for my good, then I must hold remain steadfast to what I want and let go of attachments to how I envision I will get what I want.  I discovered today that attachments to the “how” is what cause me to suffer while I wait.  It causes me to feel anxious, impatient, fearful, angry, resentful, trapped, stuck, and pessimistic just to name a few.

In that moment when I prompted the Universe/God with that question a wave of release from resistance came over me.  I had clarity in that moment and my faith was restored that no matter what I would get what I wanted but it may not be how I have expected it to materialize for me.

I agree with Abraham Hicks that we are creative beings and we are constantly going to be in a state of want, in flux, and hungry for change.  I believe like Hicks that it is a central part of living.  I also concur that the manner in which we travel from achieving one desire to the next one will determine if we live a happy and content life or one of frustration and discontent.

Today my Aha! moment has helped me to realize that the more I surrender and the quicker I surrender the navigational aspects to the Universe/God, the more enjoyable my journey from one desire to the next will be.  So going forward I will rely on my restroom edification from today and replace any statements concerning the desires of my heart with one question….”Universe/God, how will you give me what I want from this?”

One thought on “Restroom Edifications

  1. “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” I do a lot of my best thinking in the John too. LOL I actually do a lot of praying and worship in there because I have three kids and it’s the only place I get some peace and quiet. If the prodigal son could get showered with gifts and kisses while smelling of pigs… well, I’m not that bad. ha!

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