Day 1 – I Write Because……..

I write because I love to learn and share what I’ve learned.  Writing is therapeutic for me because I can express myself.  I enjoy sharing my lessons learned, my heartaches, my confusion, my successes, my inspirations, my joys, my trials, my tribulations, my ah-ha moments… name it.

I write to share myself in hopes that others recognize themselves in me and realize they are not alone, that they have what it takes to succeed, to have the courage to be all they want to be, to express themselves fully.  But most importantly to realize that we are more alike and than different.

I write to inspire myself and others to become more, do more, and take the brakes off and yell to the world “I am here and I matter.  This is me in all of my splendor!”  To take advantage of the present to build a bridge to the future.

I write to make a difference in the life of others to break down the barriers and replace old outdated limited beliefs with beliefs that empower myself and others to take the chance and take the necessary actions to get more of what we want from life.

I write because life is about living and to encourage myself and others to get out of our heads and into our lives to believe in the depths of our hearts, souls, and minds and with every fiber of our being that we can have what we want.  And that the Universe desires for us to have everything we want to have.

I write in hopes that it becomes second nature and our default programming that Life is friendly to our plans and that everything is naturally for us that come spring forth from within our authentic selves.  To finally recognize that the secret is to believe that thoughts create things and if we want a certain thing we have to think in a certain way.

Once we discover that certain way life begins to unfold to us in a splendid and miraculous way.  I write to reinforce the knowledge that we are the captains of our souls and the masters of our fate.  I write because I believe.

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