Day 3 – Wilderness of Uncertainty

I first heard this term listening to a sermon from TD Jakes.  He said so many of us are stuck in the wilderness of uncertainty paralyzed by fear.   Fear of what others think, fear of looking foolish, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of making the wrong choice, etc.

I agree with him when he said that instead of fearing those things that we what we should really be afraid of is living an unexpressed life.  One author coined it as dying with a  unsung song within us.  To not become what we were destined to become, I also believe should be the overriding fear. And, that it should propel us forward to fully express ourselves in this life time.

Mastering uncertainty is one of those easier said than done tasks but the moment we learn to conquer uncertainty I think we discover how to express our soul’s urge to know more, to do more, and be more.  I think we cast away the chains of limitations and penetrate life head on.

Being free from the fear of uncertainty liberates us and helps us to live a life marked by a fuller and richer expression of our divine selves.  The antidote to uncertainty I believe is confidence.  I believe when we become confident that the Universe wants us to have all that we desire and is constantly orchestrating on our behalf to help us become who we want to become, to have what we want to have, and achieve what we want to achieve, it helps to silence our fears borne out of uncertainty.

When we have confidence that someway somehow the dots will connect, that providence will move on our behalf, and that the Universe in its infinite wisdom will open doors for us that no man can close is when the miracles in our lives unfold for us.  I believe when we can train our attention, thoughts, and focus towards only what we want all things are possible to us.

Having said all that I believe there is one caveat and that is our desires should harmonize with the purpose that is in everything.  Meaning that our desires are not simply for our own selfish gratification, to outshine others, to be famous, to satisfy our carnal desires but to fully express our divine self and enjoy a full and rich life.

I believe when we are trapped in the wilderness of uncertainty we quietly live a life of desperation and it depletes us of our life force and drains us of our hopes and aspirations.

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