Day 5 – The Stopping Is in the Starting

This quote grab my attention because it was a timely reminder to me.  So many times in life the stopping is in the starting because we become so hyper-focused on the end result that it paralyzes us from taking action.

I’m glad I ran across this quote today because I was once again falling into the trap of not doing what I can do because of what it “appears” I cannot do.  As the old adage goes…“How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  Take for example this writing assignment I almost skipped doing it because I was once again falling into the trap of perfection.

I was wanting the perfect quote so that I could write the perfect blog entry.  Instead of just starting and write whatever I could write.  I looked on Friday and I couldn’t find one that spoke to me and/or grabbed my attention because of my desire to achieve perfection.

However, I decided to try one more time today to find a quote and I found this gem and it reminded me to make the effort.  To do what I can at all times towards achieving the goals that I want.  I may not see the entire staircase and how I will get to the top, but if I do what I can do which is to take it step-by-step and do what I can do day in and day out and not allow what I cannot do at the moment to stop me then eventually I will reach the top.

I feel overwhelmed about several things in my life and how I will achieve what I want to achieve.  So after reading this quote and writing this blog, I’m committing myself to do what I can do.   For weight loss, I can eat more fruits and veggies, I can drink more water, I can move my body for at least 30 minutes a day,  I can take my vitamins and supplements, and I can get at least seven hours sleep.

For a clean and tidy house, I can throw away what I can, I can donate what is still valuable and I don’t use, I can organize papers, I can vacuum, I can set my timer and declutter for 30 minutes a day.

For building my business, I can let others know what I’m trying to achieve and ask for their help and ideas.  I can write out a plan.  I can consult with others who have successfully succeeded in my chosen line of work.  I can invest 15 minutes each day learning what I don’t know about this line of business.

For securing a new job, I can submit my resumes, I can let my friends and family know that I’m looking and ask for their help, I can research creative ways to find a job, I can mail my resume with a cover letter to jobs that are in the industries I prefer to work in, I can contact people on LinkedIn who are in the profession I want and ask for tips on how to transition my career.

Yes today I am reminded to focus on what I can do instead of what I cannot do in any given area of my life to move it forward and experience progression.  Today I choose to ask myself “How can I use what I have to get what I want?” or “What can I do?” and then to take MASSIVE ACTION until I get there.

4 thoughts on “Day 5 – The Stopping Is in the Starting

  1. I can relate to feeling overwhelmed, for sure!

    For what it’s worth, I find switching the focus from “weight loss” to “being healthy” pretty encouraging. Numbers don’t always tell the whole story, and it’s easy to get discouraged.

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